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Hayley Dodd missing

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:42 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
For my free reading, I am wondering if you can help at all - in a 10 year old WA Missing Persons case please?

10 years ago (29 July 1999) a 17 year old girl - went missing while hitch hiking down a country road near the small town of Badgingarra just north of the capital city Perth in Western Australia, and hasn't been seen or heard of since.

Her name was Hayley Dodd.

A vehicle that drove that road at that time 10.45 am saw her bending down at the side of the road, to presumably tie a shoelace. Another car traveling the other way at 11.00am saw no sign of her.

Police have been unable to find any trace of her in the 10 years since, despite extensive searches at the time (and since) of the road verge scrub area on foot & horseback by police and state emergency service volunteers and aboriginal trackers.

It is presumed of course, that she is deceased - perhaps abducted first?.

Can anyone with psychic ability in this area, help in any way, to shed light on what happened to her, any clues are worth following up - her family need closure on this after 10 years of suffering.

Anything at all, no matter how small or insignificant would be most appreciated.

Police are appealing on TV to try and close this cold case....they have used psychics in the past with more recent murders according to our press.

It's not my intention to contact the family in any way.

Any clues - I will invest my own time expense and past investigative / law enforcement training & skills to follow up. Any results I will advise to the WA Police Missing Persons / Cold Case team.

I have no ulterior motives - other than wanting the poor family involved to find some closure after such a lengthy period of time.

I have a daughter myself of about this age (18), I couldn't imagine not seeing or hearing from her for 10 years.

Someone has to do something, at the moment I have some time on my hands and nothing better to do.

This seems like a worthwhile use of that spare time.

I just need some clue / clues to get started and don't possess the requisite psychic skills myself, so must please ask for help from those that do.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that tries!

God willing - maybe we can help solve this mystery disappearance.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:54 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Thank you indeed Chris.

That's a lot to get me started at least.

If it's not too much trouble - would you please consider looking at Google earth for me (Satellite view) and type in Badjingara WA. You'll see the northwest highway, with the township on the eastern side of the highway and the road to the east that she was walking on, it basically follows a creek line on the north side of that road.

There's just what you describe - old farm houses, with tin roofs, & water tanks, windmills etc and the red dirt visible in some of the roadside gravel pits where the shire extract gravel for building the roads etc.

Re: Hayley Dodd was walking east from the north west highway - to a farm she knew down that road, when she disappeared.

It's possible her abductor, was from or staying / working on, one of the neighboring farms or even the farm she was headed for.

Just curious if you get "any feeling" for anywhere special to start looking is all.

Again on google earth, if you do - there's a function you can select that will give you gps co ordinates "lat & long" for any point you click your mouse on.

This is an example of what i am saying using the actual Badjingara township, Brand highway & North West Road.


You can zoom in a lot closer to view individual farms and houses etc if it helps any.

With those co ords - I can drive to the best starting point, to look for clues like the old long brown vehicle, her necklace, the farm house, etc.

Maybe you'll get nothing - but it can't hurt for me to ask.

Thanks again - you are the ONLY person who's been willing to help with this & I remain indebted.

I'll keep you posted on progress (privately if you want).

Thanks again ever so much. While I'm interested in the perpetrator getting his turn before the justice system, my main motivation is finding XYZ, so her family gets "closure".


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:40 am
by Rev. Chris Roubis

I have deleted some older posts and ideas from other psychics about this case which has taken this topic way way in another direction, which had poisoned my mind and was very incorrect information.

I will go back to my original feelings and visions about this case I replied to Sir laugh alot ages ago before I deleted the information.

Here we go:
This information was also confirmed and agreed on by another 2 psychics that had the same visions as myself, which has led me to beleive it is correct information, and should be followed.

Hayley Dodd is buried under an oak tree near a creek about maybe a 20 mile radius from where she was picked up from. Amongst other things, she was strangled in the end.

Hayley Dodd was a fighter and she was messed up badly to stop her screaming.

It is a very remote outback area with maybe a few farm houses in the distance.
There will possibly be other young girls found buried in that area.

This person is in his 40+ with dark brown or black hair, moustache. He looks young for his age.
This person is big and aboriginal, 5.7 - 5.9". Green eyes.
He has a scar on his face.
He is a white male. either taking medication or drugs. Also is a violent drunk.
This guy has a record, been in and out of prison for rape.
This person has tattoos on his arms.
This person has done the same thing to 3 - 6 other young girls.

Police need to look back on police records to find this man.
Also Police need to look into other girls missing in the 6 month to a year time frame that are linked to this guy.

Hopefully this information will give Police something to go on.

Again i would like to apologise for early posts on ideas about this missing case.
I seem to not trust my gift as much as I should, and rely on others who aint so correct :-ss

Sir Laugh alot, looks like your still on the research... good luck ^:)^

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:29 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Indeed Chris - I am still on the research, and so far have chased up what I think, are a couple blind alleys.
I know how frustrated the police must feel, when seemingly promising leads, evaporate in front of your eyes.
Thanks for editing the comments, in respect for the family.
At the end of the day - we all want the best possible outcome & closure for the family, one way or another.

I'll go back now to those clues and start planning for my search, based on what you've provided, and combined with new technologies like Google Earth that will allow me to narrow down a likely area with all the clues of creek line, oak tree, farm houses, tanks, windmills, farm sheds etc.

Thanks again.

I'll keep everyone (including the police missing persons) appraised of anything I find.
Thanks to the poster from the family who assisted and contacted me.
Those points will be kept uppermost in my mind - I kept a copy for future reference.

Lets see where this leads.

Keep the faith.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:37 am
by Rev. Chris Roubis
update following our email conversation Sir laugh alot. I prefer to post it, so others may view this information incase they have anything to ad.

This man is behind bars as we speak. But he wont be there for long. He might be in for an assault charge.
This man has killed 4 in the area. 3 girls and 1 boy.
The boy is not hidden or buried with the girls.
There have been other killings away from that area.

This man is from the area, and lives with his parents in a unit or Duplex. He does not work. He maybe on disability pension... he takes medication... possibly mental problems.

If you connect him to one murder, he will confess to all the others.
This guy is a serial killer, he wont stop killing children. He needs to be stopped! X(

The oak tree I mentioned earlier, could be an oak tree or some other huge tree that has a creek not too far from it.

This guy lives in the area, and has a record. C'mon W.A Police!!!

here is an important dumping ground of the area that someone needs to look at:

You will find 2 other girls, including XYZ in the yellowish area I have illustrated for you.
Some of the children have past on to the light, but others are in turmoil, limbo, haven't passed on.

Thanks again to the lovely Spirit Guide Samelalee for all her help on helping the families have closure and keeping this psycho far away from our kids.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 3:38 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Thanks a lot Chris,
That is something I can action, i.e go take a look and see if anything can be found.
Thank you again for your efforts.
I will report back in due course.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:31 pm
by Rev. Chris Roubis
Thank you Sir laugh alot

Please do report back. :-ss

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:21 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Hi Chris,

Sorry I haven't got there to search yet, meant to go yesterday but something came up unfortunately.
Busy today so Friday or the weekend maybe with some luck.

Just a little confused is all - about the spot you've marked.

Maybe your not used to reading Google earth images, but if you look say at the town oval - you'll see dark green blobs which are trees surrounding the oval.

Now look at your spot and you'll see it typical "badgingarra sands", with little stunted shrubs about knee to mid thigh high. There's not a tree (oak or otherwise) or a creek line (looks to be a slight ridge, if anything) at the spot you've marked.

Over in the Farmers paddock next door (outside view in your photo there's a depression that's the head of a creek system and the odd paddock tree for shade for the sheep in there as well.

It's just that non of our "clues" seem to occur within the search area you marked is all.

I'm still happy to drive the 4 hours return to search it regardless, just pointing out the obvious lack of synchronicity between the clues and the spot marked.

The spot marked does make some sense however in that you can get there from where she was last seen - particularly if as the abductor you lived in town, it would be a handy dumping ground.

It is however, being with 200 yards of town and on a rise - highly visible from those houses in town closest to the spot - and as she disappeared in broad daylight - one assumes anyone parked there long enough to dig a hole and dispose of the body would likely be noticed by the townsfolk?

Pop 250, I lived in a town pop 500 and trust me everyone sees everything and knows everything about what everyone else does, there would have been a busy body / town gossip, who'd have seen or been told about a local parked there long enough to dig a hole and bury something and knowing small country townsfolk (as I do) someone would have gone and looked (what was buried or disposed of) for 2 reasons:-

1. To add to the gossip story
2. To recover anything if it was valuable
3. To dob on someone else if it wasn't valuable, i.e. a carcass (or human body in this case).

That's just the way many / most / some / country townsfolk are (sadly).

If I were to apply logic:-
A) it is a convenient spot close to town for a dumping ground.
B) Probably sandy so easy to dig
C) Can be accessed from the road she disappeared on, on the way back to town by the track down the paddock fence line.

By the same logic, If one were to put oneself in the position of the Abductor / Murderer for a moment.

A) Where she was probably picked up was about 10KM's out of town.
B) In order to do whatever it was that was done to XYZ needed privacy, from other people and passing traffic.
C) The longer / further transported her - the more time (risk) for her to scream & attract unwanted attention, escape etc - all of which might turn the tables on the abductor.

In all likelihood, if you place yourself in the position of the abductor, you would want to:-

1) Get gratification quickly while hyped up about it.
2) Get off the road before being seen
3) Get to a spot that's secluded / private & out of earshot of anyone.
4) Some kind of crown reserve (If you pulled into someones farm - you might be challenged for being on private property UNLESS its a farm where the culprit lived/rented - but even then if its a duplex shared with parents etc, any scream is going to attract unwanted attention so not such a 'logical' location.
5). Dispose of the body right there on the spot, and drive home (to town or farm) as if nothings happened.

When you consider these things - the marked spot right next to town - visible - no trees to hide the car from plain view within 200 meters of town (I scaled the photo and measured to nearest houses).


I will search that spot thoroughly - if only to eliminate it from our quest, BUT what I am saying is - if you get any similar feelings about other spots in the vicinity don't be shy to mark more than 0ne spot to look - If I'm going to drive 4 hours, I can search for maybe 2 or 3 hours meaning, just one spot to look might be a waste of a trip if nothing found, and I will be there and have time on my hands.

I am scanning Google earth of the area looking for any other spots to look, - that seem to meet our clues more thus far, with regard to creek line adjacent. and big (oak) type tree, - maybe farm houses and sheds dams windmills etc nearbye and taking in too account he has to be able to get his car there easily from the road she was abducted on and taking into account how far out of town she already was when last seen (10Km's).

I'm just suggesting to have another go and see if any other spots within say 30km's either side of town, accessible off that road or any of it's side roads, look to meet the clues.

Let me give an example...say the youths of town want some privacy to court a young lady of town - where would they drive out of town a short ways on a dark night for a kiss n cuddle, and to look at the stars or whatever - every small town usually has such a spot - often referred too as "rooty hill" etc.

Where then do the youth of Badgingarra go for Friday night out cuddles?
Somewhere like that would be likely as potential place our abductor might have used.

I'm working a theory that - our Abductor saw XYZ buy a drink and some chips at the Badgingarra roadhouse in town, and had a plan to follow her out of town after say an hour, offer her a lift abduct her - do his thing and dispose of the body and come back to town. I don't think this was a chanced upon her spur of the moment crime, I think it was planned a little with local knowledge, maybe even 2 young bucks working together?, one the ringleader and one along for the spoils.

One wonders where out that east side of town just off that road, i the "likely spot" to do their evil deeds, knowing no one will come along and disturb them...wheres the "rooty hill" within say 10 or 15 KM's east of town, off or along that particular Badgingarra - Moora road? Her friends farmhouse was only 16KM's out of town. She was last seen at about the 10KM (6 Miles) mark.

Average person walks 4 miles an hour or 6.5 kms/hour - Hayley being young and fit would easily average that.

So my theory is that she was spotted as a potential target by this young fella or him and his accomplice at say 9.30 am or so - in town at the roadhouse. Say she walked an hour & half (about 10 kms ergo 6.5 km's + 3.25KM's = 9.75kms or approximately 10 KMs) to where last seen at 11 am.

Lets say the guy or guys, saw her leave, waited an hour because - they had work to finish in town or at the roadhouse even (A flat tyre to repair maybe)?. If they left about 1 hour after her - allowing for travel time - its conceivable they offered her a lift & abducted her at about 11am, about 10KM's outside town.

Why wait the hour? before following / offering the lift?

Well after walking 10 km's in an hour and a half - she might well be a little tired, and more likely to accept a lift the last 6 km's - saving yet another hours walking to get to the farm she was headed for. It would "seem more like a random chance" of car passing rather than a couple guys at the roadhouse targeted her if they tried to offer her a lift right at the roadhouse- maybe they did even, and she turned them down in front of witnesses, so they kept on about their work to give the impression they had accepted her knock back of offer of a lift.

The refusal of an offer of a lift in front of witnesses at the road house might even have been the "motivation" for the young buck/s to abduct her and teach her a lesson for humiliating him / them publicly in front of their colleagues townsfolk neighbors at the roadhouse maybe.

The guy involved, or him and his accomplice, if there is one, might well known of a location along that road that was suited to their purpose and allowed enough time for her to almost walk that far, before arriving on the scene.

There was a white 4wd with 2 guys observed in the area at the right time by a passing witness, parked off the side of the road in the roadside scrub, "acting suspiciously" - they might just have feigned that they were "digging the bogged vehicle out" as someone drove past - when in fact they were digging the hole to bury her before driving off.

All these things Chris give me a strong feeling she's logically somewhere near the 10Km mark out that road (Apex of a bend just there and another govt reserve with scrub, triangular shaped on the south side of the road).

Have a look and see what you think, there is a creek line near bye on the North side of the road just past the roadside table drain inside the farmers paddock/s.

I'll try n do a Google pic and Mark it for you.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:55 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Best I can tell this is about the area Hayley Dodd was last seen.


You can see there's some kind of reserve there, triangular in shape, with gravel pits or something and a few tracks in there, there's also a creek line just across the road to the north.

It's an intersection, where one might head south back to town by a different route if one didn't want to be seen on the same road she disappeared from.

Do you get any feelings about this area at all? It has a few trees and farm houses - sheds dams windmills and creek, and even the red dirt (gravel pits?) access off the road near where she disappeared and escape route back to town...

Just seems to fit a lot more of our clues and my likely scenario is all.

The original investigators 10 years ago, would not have had access to google earth sat photography, - at best maybe a shire large scale map to go on so this area might not have attracted their attention as much as maybe it should?.

These are just my rationalizing things - I'm not psychic - so take it all as just speculation.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:48 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Report back.

Well I did make it all the way up to Badgingarra yesterday, for a look around/familiarization tour.
I even had a look around the zone marked and areas near-bye.
I also went 10 - 16 km's east, out to where XYZ was last seen.

It's a long drive to Badgingarra and return - about 400 + kilometers & 5 hours on the road, so actual time at Badjingarra was limited unfortunately, in terms of actual on ground searching.

With that said - right NOW (spring time) is a good time to search that particular area more thoroughly.
Well there's been a severe fire thru the reserve where the yellow search area is marked, late last year - bye the look, and the on ground conditions are a LOT different to what the google earth photo (taken some years ago) indicates. The fire has removed the scrub that is at most thigh high - right back down to ground level (white sand). The blackened limbs of each scrub bush is still there poking up - but no leaves - all the ground is totally visible for ANY signs of prior disturbance.

Also - the area depicted has a lot more height elevation than the Aerial photo suggests - the marked area while close to town, is totally hidden by elevation from view, from the town, a hill in fact with the towns water supply tanks perched on top of it & all fenced off - giving good vehicular access to the hill with a graveled road leading up there - hides the gully behind that's marked for search.

Initially I thought maybe I'd stumbled on something with a raised patch of earth quite clearly visible, from where I could get too in the 4wd. Once I got out and walked there however it turned out to be the remains of an active rabbit burrow, all excavated sand heaped up around the base of a, now burnt bush, where they had been digging like mad.

Other "likely looking spots" of raised sand when investigated proved to be the same thing - rabbit diggings around the base of a now burned bush.

My conclusion?

The area warrants "more thorough searching" - really it would be ideal to get a small group of volunteers maybe 3 or 4 with metal detectors and grid the area and search it all with a metal detector (I'm assuming her clothing maybe jeans etc would have had metal buttons / studs - maybe she had some jewelery that would also return a signal to a metal detector).

The time to do that is before the bushes all regenerate their leaves and cover the ground and make walking and looking much more difficult.

Where one finds 3 or 4 such volunteers with metal detectors, I have no idea at this point in time (A gold detector's club maybe?).

I also took a drive out along the Badgingarra - Moora road where XYZ was last seen alive.

I DID see a group of 3 large Pine trees in a row along a farmers fence at about the 10KM area she disappeared - that I'd like to look under/around the base of much more thoroughly. (Lots of long grass and weeds, prickly thistle, right now in spring - probably need a weed whacker to do it justice).

Just past these 3 Pine Trees is a creek that flows under the road - i.e crosses under the road via a culvert pipe?- which is quite overgrown & worth more thorough searching IMHO.

What I didn't find, - which I had hoped to find, was any sort of reserve near-bye to where she went missing, with tracks leading off the road, where the abductor could have taken his vehicle, & parked to be out of sight to passing vehicular traffic, and maybe have disposed of the body before leaving.

The only tracks off the road near where she was last seen - lead to farm houses out that way - leading me to wonder if our abductor didn't indeed live on one of those farms? (and how one thus gets permission to search further on private land).

I can't see an abductor taking her onto farm private property that he didn't own / reside at, for fear of being observed / and confronted about being on private property and thus being caught in the act.

Anyway - that's my "initial thoughts" after a few hours trying to "put myself" in the "position of the abductor" while in the vicinity of where she was last seen.

It was a long day & frankly the bush flies were out in full force making any time spent outside the vehicle searching on foot, a fairly unpleasant experience swishing at determined sticky small bush flies common at this time of year.

More ground work is required - on location in Badgingarra - no doubt about that.

How one achieves that?....well i have some ideas, but will have to see how they can be expanded upon in due course.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:21 am
by Rev. Chris Roubis
There is no 2 guys.... it is just one person.

Dark skin, Indigenous man.

He can throw a Policeman with a flick of his finger.

He is a big build guy and the strength of an elephant.

This guy has no feelings, or emotions.

He doesn't talk much. He has an enlarged tongue.

This guy never got any love when he was a child. He was always tormented.

This guy is mentally messed up. He doesn't understand what he is doing.

Hayley Dodd isn't buried as such, this guy was in a hurry, he more like covered her up with debri.

if your serious about finding her, you need to comb the area I showed you, with a professional team.

Near a creek, trees and rocks.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:36 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Hey Chris,

I included the possibility of 2 abductors - because I read in one press article that ONE 'witness' who drove down that road around the time Hayley Dodd disappeared, and came forward at the time, allegedly told police he/she saw 2 young guys in a white 4wd that were apparently bogged on the side of the road where they had pulled off to turn around and got stuck. They were described as looking suspicious, and standing around the vehicle with a shovel as tho trying to dig their way out of a bogged situation.

The question was then asked whether maybe they were in fact off the road and with a shovel because they were burying Hayley Dodd?

That's the only reason I allowed the possibility of 2 abductors into my "hypothesis".

I'm quite happy to run with your "One Assailant" call, on this one.

You know - I think there's a 'logical" reason no one has put together your clues - with the police record, of any local/s who fit the description.

That's because the towns very small and doesn't have "a police station" or a local copper who knows all the locals and their criminal records.

This case was investigated from Geraldton and Perth - by policemen who have no idea who the locals are or what records they might have and non of the local knowledge that the old country town copper would have had at his fingertips.

That's probably contributed a LOT to the reason why the case was never solved IMO.

I'd be more than happy to take you up there with me for a day Chris, we can search your area thoroughly within a couple hours easy - and having been there already - I can take you right to the spot.

I'm sorry I haven't been back there again to search more - I haven't given up the search.

I managed to get a govt grant, to go back to sea school and upgrade my Master skippers qualification, - so have been studying full time the last 4 weeks and have a couple weeks or so to go.

I think it would be VERY helpful to have you on the ground Chris, with me- in case you get any more intuitive leads while there.

There's a second reason I'd like your company. I'm diabetic, and don't like driving long distances on my own, for fear I might get low blood sugar level and fall asleep at the wheel - with no one riding shotgun to notice and wake me up should that happen. I don't like the idea of placing other road users at risk by driving long distances in the country alone. I do manage my sugar & insulin levels well and always keep barley sugars in the vehicle just in case my levels drop unexpectedly. The thing is, I like to have a "relief driver" with me - just in case I need 20 minutes shuteye.

Let me know if you can spare a day Chris, and we can go search this area together, in my vehicle.

It's a good 5 hours return drive from Perth - so that leaves about 3 hours to look - if we leave early and get back to Perth around sunset.

I guess without finding the body, the police forensics will not have anything to use to tie the perpetrator to the crime.

Thanks for the extra input Chris I appreciate it a lot.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:45 pm
by Rev. Chris Roubis
Unfortunately I have a Graphic /Web design business, including 2 online stores i'm trying to run at the moment. I don't think I can be of any use to you right now in the physical sense.

I do feel someone will support you on this eventually. Just give it time.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:31 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
It's been over 10 years now Chris, since Hayley went missing - I am patient enough to wait.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:57 pm
by crimebuff
Sir.laugh a lot, I wonder if youhad a look for a duplex in the township of Badgingara whilst you were there?
I doubt if there would be one in the townsite. In regards to the Oak tree, it would be very unusual to see an Oak growing in that area, and Oaks are not native to WA. Some early settlers often planted an English tree around the homestead/farmstead to remind them of 'Old England' and would suggest any Oaks would be growing in that sort of locale, not necessarily visible from the main road. From memory, and its been years since I passed throughthe area, there is a very old either a grandstand or bandstand around the town oval, that goes back to the early settlers so an Oak tree growing in the area is a distinct possibility.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:52 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Hi Crime Buff

I checked around the footy oval and grandstands - there's some old Pinus radiata (Maritime Pine) trees planted around the oval for shade, presumably.

I was a forester for 8 years and found a few English Oaks planted at old homesteads in the southwest in the past. Badgingarra is a tad too far north and dry for these English type trees, unless as you say they are round a homestead where they would have got watered manually from a well etc to get them established.

With such English trees they are a much different green (verdant green) than our native Aussie bush which is a dirty brown green (khaki?) color even on google earth aerial searches. (Even Police can spot marijuana plants from the air because they are a different green to our bush). Google Earth Satellite Search is the way to find such a tree in this area. (I've even located shipwrecks in shallow water from Google Earth sat photo's).

I've seen no such trees on the aerial searches that I've done and there certainly aren't any within the yellow search area Chris delineated near town (mid thigh high brown green native scrub only).

I haven't searched for a duplex in town. The town's quite small in fact maybe 150 people or so & I didn't notice one while there - but not saying there isn't.

I've not had anyone to help me so haven't been back since my last visit some months ago.

One Perth Psychic offered to help me then just disappeared - wouldn't answer any emails etc.

I need someone with Chris' type of gift - to visit with me and physically help to narrow down a likely search area - there's just so much area out there to search.

I saw a creek area out on the road not far past where she was last seen, and where she would have walked too based on the time she left the town and when she was last seen and an average walking speed of about 4mph.

I got a "feeling" that area needed to be searched thoroughly if it wasn't in the past when she originally went missing. The creek crosses under the road with presumably an old timber culvert or maybe a concrete pipe/pipes.

I saw a white sun bleached jaw bone in the long green grass along the creek bank, from the vehicle as I drove bye and wondered if it mightn't have been a clue as to her whereabouts - but it did remind me of a Kangaroos lower mandible bone...and you'd expect them to be following the creek line to cross the road and get hit by cars at that spot, hence likely just a roo bone.

It was late & hot and a zillion flies so I didn't stop and get out and take a closer look as I should have, I'd already driven bye as I spotted it, and it wasn't a safe spot to stop traffic wise in a bend and dip on top of a culvert and I have a big F truck so it takes up a lot of road.

As the weather cools and we go into Autumn / Winter (when the snakes go into hibernation for winter) I'd like to look again - but believe we need more people and metal detectors & probably a whipper snipper/weed whacker & chainsaw for long grass etc to search properly (fallen branches around the base of trees and long grass make detecting in some of the obvious spots very difficult without a quick mechanical clean up first).

A group of people camped up there for a weekend with the right gear - might do some good - if nothing else eliminating areas from a search viewpoint.

I have a conviction that she will be found - sooner or later!

There were big fires up that way in the shire of Badgingarra last summer & I was hoping that the removal of a lot of vegetative cover might have revealed disturbed ground where her body is buried maybe.

Whoever picked her up in a vehicle might have taken her anywhere to dispose of the body and there's thousands of acres of thick scrub and native trees along the creek line for miles - not easy country to search on foot.

It needs someone with psychic ability to help narrow a likely search area and willing feet and eyes on the ground to look for disturbed ground of her grave IMHO

I'm just one man - I can't do it all - fuel there and back for a days searching cost me about $100 last time.

I'm prepared to go again and spend those $ again, providing I have someone with some psychic skill to help me narrow down a search area when there. I have a chainsaw but no metal detector nor weed whacker to try and detect metal fittings (buttons / zipper) from her jeans, or belt buckle etc.

I want to do the search thoroughly and meticulously and methodically so that we don't have to go over old ground again - work to eliminate ground until we eventually find her.
I will work with anyone else that's prepared to volunteer time and effort.
I would like to help Hayley's mum to find closure.

I can't do this on my own. I have the time but not the fiscal resources. I need people willing to volunteer to share the workload. My wife works so I can only go with her on weekends - I'm diabetic so can't be out there midweek alone or driving those distances without company, to ensure I stay awake etc.

I'm available during the week, but need some assistance to do any good.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:26 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot

From your post of Oct 19 last year!
This person is in his 40+ with dark brown or black hair, moustache. He looks young for his age.
This person is big and aboriginal, 5.7 - 5.9". Green eyes.
He has a scar on his face.
He is a white male. either taking medication or drugs. Also is a violent drunk.
This guy has a record, been in and out of prison for rape.
This person has tattoos on his arms.
This person has done the same thing to 3 - 6 other young girls.
As you can see the info is conflicting, is he white or aboriginal?

Can you clarify for me what you meant by that - could he be of mixed aboriginal / white heritage?


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:38 pm
by Rev. Chris Roubis
As you can see the info is conflicting, is he white or aboriginal?

Can you clarify for me what you meant by that - could he be of mixed aboriginal / white heritage?

Here are more WA psychics you can try to contact and ask for help Sir Laughs-A-Lot ... GUkAWizckL

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:58 pm
by crimebuff
Thanks for your early response Sir.Laughs-a-lot. Good on you for making the effort to go up there and search around for Hayley. I did think at the time of the fires, that that would be a good time to look around, whilst the undergrowth was clear. I wonder did you know that Scott Russell Hill is coming to Perth in June 12th 13th, however I doubt that he would be interested in going such a distance especially without being paid, but hey worth a try. Be very careful re psychics as I've known a few of late that had no psychic ability whatsoever, but claimed otherwise, in other words not all who claim to have these gifts do indeed have them. I came up with an idea the other day after talking extensively with Margaret Dodd re hiring a small bus to take a group up there,which would be a day trip only. Would enough genuin people go to search I wonder, maybe Mrs. Dodd could muster family and friends, if someonce could helpwith that financially.

Another idea, would be to contact a businessperson inthe area, who would certainly know the whole town and maybe you could get a billet for the weekend. Im sure you would be allowed to camp on the oval for the purpose of searching and I think there may be toilet/shower facilities there also. Im sure the people of Badgingarra would be of assistance if they were approached. Lets know what you think of this idea. Im
well into my sixties and walking through bush scares me no end, however I would be prepared to go with a

I too have been looking for distinctive greenery on google earth. Why the hell dont the police get the police recruits out there for the weekend searching, they would gain valuable experience in doing so too. Maybe they havent thought about it. What about trying some of State emergency services, who conduct excercises from time to time. They are also fully equipped with camping gear etc etc. Would be no skin off their noses,its a matter of putting it to them. As for metal detectors, well although not too expensive to hire,there is so much metal rubbish even in the remotest of areas that its a waste of time really. Lets know what u think about some of these ideas.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:08 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Hi Crimebuff,

They are all good ideas - probably the army reserves could also help - i think army have access to metal detectors for mine hunting etc.

I don't know any business people in that area to contact unfortunately

Camping at the oval or caravan park etc would all work - a opportunity for everyone to sit round a campfire at night with a coffee or few cold beers, great social networking.

All of these resources (lets assume for a moment we could get them all, police, army, SES, volunteers, Mrs Dodd etc). Where does one direct these resources so as to have a good chance and not be wasting effort?

We need to zero in on a spot to search and for that we do need good psychic help.

Thanks for the list Chris- I'll get back to contacting them - most don;t answer -the Gabrielle one answered last time then begged off for some reason unknown to me.

Crime Buff, I wasn't aware that Scott Russell Hill is coming to Perth in June 12th 13th.

With many of these psychics - its about them earning their livelihood / income so - getting one of the good / well known ones, (successful/reliable ones) involved in something like this as a "volunteer" is tough.

I'm all for any type of volunteer effort - heck I can even legally drive the bus if needed!

I just think we need an area to concentrate on if we are not to waste the effort.

I was thinking it could become an annual event, even - we search one long weekend every year, and we eliminate area after area...but we do need somewhere to start, so as to not waste the valuable resources of all these govt and volunteer resources - which in reality represent a huge investment of real $, in time transport food and accoms, vehicles and so on.

Possibly we could get one of the TV stations current affairs programs to publicize it and get more volunteers / backing.

I would not want to do anything of a public nature that Mrs Dodd isn't comfortable with, and have not made any attempts to contact her direct, in that respect because I don;t want to drag up the past without anything positive to report.

I am trying hard to tread a fine line between achieving a good result and not upsetting the family unecessarily.

Your contact with the family Crimebuff - could be invaluable in ensuring we do NOT do anything likely to upset the family

That is the very LAST thing, I wish to happen.

I'm more than happy to work with yourself Crime Buff - I'm 51 & a former wildlife officer, I have no fears walking thu the bush - I actually enjoy it but I am overweight and unfit so - long treks are out for me, its get the 4wd close to where I want to look - then get out and search - back to the 4wd and do the same again.

We come back to the same thing - we need one of these forensic type psychic people to go to the area and try and delineate a "specific area" within which we should look!

An example.

"Somewhere within 20 miles of Badjingarra" - while it narrows down the search area, still represents 1257 square miles of search area!

We have clues already

Oak Tree
Farm Houses
Red Dirt/Gravel
Farm Sheds


As well as the clues about the person.

This area COULD be developed as Crime Buff says - by contacting someone with a business based in Badjingarra who knows all the people in the town. (Usually the local postmaster or postal agent is your best bet).

Maybe this is an area for Crime Buff to follow up?

I will try contacting a few more local psychics in the interim to see if we can narrow down a search area.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:41 pm
by crimebuff
Hi Sir Laugh-a-lot, will have a talk with Mrs. Dodd hopefully before the weekend. Will also suss out any local business in the area. As you've been up there did you notice if there is a general store/service station etc that I might contact by phone.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:30 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
There is a service station/general store just off the highway as you enter town. Don't quote me, I THINK it's a BP but I'm going from memory now.

I reckon the post office would be a better bet maybe?.

Badgingarra Local Post Office
Lot 103 Meagher Drive,
Badgingarra, WA 6521
p: 13 1318 f: (08) 9652 9074

Badgingarra Roadhouse
Meagher Dr
Badgingarra WA 6521
(08) 9652 9051

Badgingarra Tavern
Maegher Drv
Badgingarra WA 6521 -
(08) 9652 9020

That's 3 businesses that come to mind.


Thank you sincerely - for taking an interest in Hayley's case & for speaking with her mum Mrs Dodd. If you do speak with her - can you PLEASE assure her, I am not interested in any publicity, nor any reward that might be on offer.

If we are successful in locating Hayley, then any reward as far as I am concerned, can go to the charity of Mrs Dodd's choice. I have a fairly low opinion of the press - I'm not interested in any publicity.

My sole aim, is to try and help her find closure by finding Hayley.

In her photo she looks like a terrific kid, No kid deserves to end up this way. That's my motivation.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:03 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
I could be wrong - there MAY be a "duplex' MAYBE near the corner of Dodd Street & White Drive - my google earth won't zoom close enough for me to see for sure BUT there appears to maybe be two driveways into that lot off the street?

I could be wrong, you'd have to drive up there to see for 100% sure.

I just can't get a good enough (large enough) Google earth image to pick the duplex from the air sadly!

I think it is important to "run to earth" ALL of the clues that Chris has been kind enough to share with us.

For example the FIRST place I'll search again thoroughly is the Yellow dot area already posted. I realise that last time there I was looking in the wrong place - maybe by only 500 or 600 yards away, but I SHOULD have taken a print out with me, of his spot to be more accurate.

Next time there, I will.

If for no other reason than to eliminate it from our search, if I must.

I'm looking for a exercise treadmill machine in the next couple days - determined to lose some weight and get fit for this task..... I don't like failing at anything I do.

Crime Buff - if you would like to get together for coffee and get to know each other if we are to work on this together, then I am keen - just say the word - I presume your somewhere down Mandurah way if you speak with Hayley's mum regularly?.

I used to live in Sth Yunderup on the canals for a few years and with the new freeway now, it's only a short trip to come catch up, so we get know each other face to face.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:25 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Early hours of this morning, unable to sleep - I found a my space page for Hayley, put up by her family.
On it I found Hayley's mums email address.
I sent her an email offering to help.
She replied today - with an area and clues she would like to see followed up.
I have been researching them today, and have narrowed down a area to search - if your keen to join us Crime buff?
A clairvoyant reading from Sept 2007 hasn't been followed up yet for lack of resources.
I will make this my main focus, because that's what the family have requested.

I've managed to find it on Google earth after an internet search & pinpoint a gps set of co ordinates.

I'll report more when I've done more study and managed a trip there to search!

Thanks to all who have helped and thanks even more to Mrs Dodd for her assistance with providing the clairvoyants reading / clues, and having the faith to trust that we will do our best to help in any way we can.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:50 pm
by crimebuff
Good start Sir.Laughs-a-lot, have only spoken to Margaret the once but will email her this weekend.
I have contacted the proprietor of the Roadhouse, he is not aware of an Oak tree in the area, but said that doesnt mean there isnt one. He said there is no duplex properties in the townsite either. When I asked re a couple with a 40ish son who may have mental problems, he laughed and I said "what, does that mean it applies to half the town I suppose" he said no comment, read that as you like.

Now he also runs the Caravan Park there, and could provide a camping area (no doubt at a small fee) but suggested we could come to some arrangement. He also suggested I ring Elders during the week as they also run the post office. I will also contact Geraldton SES in the next couple of days.

Re meeting for coffee, Im sure you will understand when I say this, but last year I had some very bad experiences with a few people,through other sites after revealing too much info about myself which ended in abuse and threats, I dont wish to go through that again, but sure when we can organise a trip up there we'll all meet up anyways.

I personally wouldnt like to focus in too much on the basis of a psychics reading, unless you can find more than one psychic that concur with each other, I am aware of the tremendous problems others have had taking literally what a psychic has told them, and it seems 40 psychics all came up with different scenarios,places to look etc. However that doesnt mean that they are all wrong, Im simply saying the good ones are few and far between. I also believe that clairvoyance etc is a God given gift, and should be used to benefit mankind as much as possible. Im hoping to meet up with Margaret Dodd sometime in the next few weeks.

Your probably not aware Im elderly (no too elderly) and female.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:47 pm
by crimebuff
Sir.Laughs-a-lot, a friend of mine has dug up the following book which you may be able to get from a library:
Bradbury H, Winfield 1982. Trees for Badgingarra. Will ring C.A.L.M. during week.

Can I ask did you ever post on one of the sites to do with the CSK (Claremont case), did you say you had previous law enforcement experience, if so can you elaborate on that a little.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:53 pm
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot
Can I ask did you ever post on one of the sites to do with the CSK (Claremont case), did you say you had previous law enforcement experience, if so can you elaborate on that a little.
Soitenly Sir,

I haven't posted on any of the CSK sites in the past, I don't think - at least not that I remember.

I worked for CALM many years ago as a wildlife officer - you get trained to look for the unusual, things out of place or out of the ordinary, - clues if you will, and also in investigation techniques, taking corroborating witness statements, confessions statements, circumstantial evidence gathering, and preparing / presenting a case ready for prosecution, to the public prosecutor.

I don't claim to be a policeman - but the principles are the same at the end of the day, & I was pretty good at it, even if I do say so myself.

I have no idea if, this case and the CSK cases are connected - no way for me to know - I'd have to be privy too, all the evidence in all 4 cases and look for similarities in modus operandi. & victim selection.

Motive is key in this (and other) cases that you mention.

My intention was to work this case until it's logical conclusion.

I have an interest (after that) in the missing mum & 2 kids from Nannup. I lived there for 20 years and sold up all our holdings in the town (farm & businesses) & left, a year before this family went missing, in unusual circumstances. Because of my intimate familiarity with the area and it's people, for 20 years - I was contemplating taking a look at that case next - when this one is completed (not before).

At this point in time - my sole focus is Hayley's disappearance.
That must of necessity be my primary focus, there will be time for other cases, but not till this one is settled.

I think that much focus is rightly placed on "catch the killer" with good reason - to protect the public at large from further harm. I think most people have concluded that the area's just so vast that there's no point searching for Hayley's remains.

I intend to work backwards - find Hayley's remains (against all odds) and hope that forensic clues at the scene might help police catch her killer.

I know its a long shot - but if I were in the police then maybe I could assume the guy responsible will come to their attention sooner or later thru their 'system', but I don't have that luxury - my talents/skills lie in searching bush land for things out of place - so I figure it this way.

IF - I, can get a clairvoyant/psychic to get me into a rough area where the remains are, then my skills and talent can best be applied, searching for the remains - rather than hunting the killer - I see that rightly as the responsibility of the police.

I don't see that they are adequately resourced to be searching vast areas of bushland, in the economic reality of todays Global Financial Crisis.

If I can assist in that area - then I'm only too happy to do so.

What got me interested in this case was the 10 year anniversary show on TV of Hayley's disappearance last year, - I watched and concluded, that this family has suffered enough after 10 years - surely.

Someone somewhere has to do something - to bring that suffering to closure - and it appears to me that the police don't have the necessary resources to accomplish that!

I'm hopeful that a good clairvoyants skills to narrow a likely search area - combined with my skills in searching the bush, might help find the remains and bring that aspect of the case to a closure for the family's sake.

I don't see that "capturing the killer" falls within my bailiwick - it is rightfully the job of the police and where their strengths lie.

God willing if we are successful - maybe that will give the police extra evidence to be able to complete their job, in finding the killer.

That's how I see it at least, hopefully that makes sense?


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:03 pm
by crimebuff
thanks for that Sir Laughs-a-lot, can you please clarify justwhere Hayley was in fact last seen, as there is some confusion. As I understand it shem was seen walking along North West Road about 20 ks out from Badgingarra,however others say she was seen at the intersection of Badgingarra and Dandaragon Road, a long way to the south of North West Road. If she was headed for Moora it makes no sense to be at that intersection as the direct route would be North West Road, can you clear this one up, maybe I should contact Margaret to find out exactly where the friend lived she was headed to.

Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:21 am
by Sir Laughs-A-Lot

I suggest you do that (contact Mrs Dodd).

You've not done so, despite suggesting that you would before this weekend in your previous posts. Your good at asking questions of me - about me etc - but give away little about yourself.

I've been forthright in telling you some of what I know & private info about me.

Re, where she was last seen - I believe that's quite easy to determine. If you'd read the media clippings etc available online. The time she left Badjingarra is known. The time she was last seen and where are likewise known and have been reported on. The average person walks at 4mph or about 5.7km/hr.

It's easy to do the math, along the road from town.

I don't believe she was headed to Moora, she was headed out of Badjingarra to a friends farm to do some paid work is what i read. I estimate she was somewhere around 10 km's from town and about 6Km's from the friends farm location ~roughly.

There was even a "re enactment" with private investigator Mick Buckley walking from town and a car leaving from the same place the last person to see her alive, left from , driving at the same speed, until they "met each other" to "confirm the reported last sighting location" within reasonable doubt limits.

Crime Buff. I offered to meet with you face to face and see if you could help me. Had you taken me up on that offer, You would now be privy to the information Margaret has been kind enough to offer up to assist.

I will work with anyone that is prepared to assist, however so far - you have offered little and asked a lot and failed to do as you said, and avoided any contact.
This makes me somewhat suspicious of your intent at this point in time.

I've a suspicion, I even know who you may be (or could find out very easily).

"Put up or shut up" as the old saying goes, is where we are at - meet with me face to face and I'll share what I know if your prepared to assist.

I'm not interested in wanna be tag along's hiding behind a keyboard - I need boots on the ground help, plain n simple. If your physically part of this - you'd know all I know.

If as you claim you know Margaret as I now do - then the same info I have, I would guess should be available to you?. I have to respect Margaret & her family's "privacy" with info she has entrusted to me.

Sorry for being "evasive" but I think it is prudent at this point in time to be so.
Only you can change that crime buff! ;)
I've a lot of clues to check out and serious work to do & you've been asked to be a part of it and avoided any commitment to the task thus far.

Sorry to be blunt, about it - but that's where we are at I'm afraid.


Re: Hayley Dodd missing case

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:56 pm
by crimebuff
well well, the real you is now starting to come through I see, exactly the reason I have declined to meet with people associated with these crime blogs.

I told you in a previous blog that I have only spoken to Mrs. Dodd the once, and as she rang late at night and was on the phone for 2 hours, I have been somewhat avoiding ringing her, although I do realise she had a lot on her mind and needed to offload, I did however find it taxing.

How dare you have a go at me like that, and question my intentions, for Gods sake Im a 67 yr old woman not in very good health, and the last thing I need is a gung ho like you demanding I have more input. It was my intention to fork out quite a lot of money to hire a bus to take people up there, but you can forget that now mate, I wont be going anywhere with the likes of you, and whats more I will contact Mrs. Dodd and explain the reasons why. I've only been in contact with you for a week or so and already your trying to dictate to me how much should be doing. Did you ring up the roadhouse at your expense, no, well I wont be making any further STD calls to others up there is thats going to be your attitude. And yes I suspect I know who you really are too.