what do you do if there is a Spirit in your house

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what do you do if there is a Spirit in your house

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:18 pm

what do you do if there is a Spirit in your house

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Re: what do you do if there is a Spirit in your house

Postby jazz » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:13 pm

I love it when spirit comes to visit me :ymhug: I feel the energy of that spirit and know it is one of my loved ones saying hi to me and to let me know they are watching over me :)

I have learned and seen the difference between a good spirit O:-) and a lower astral spirit :-o it does scare the hell out of you when you are not experienced in these matters as it did for me when I had my first experience with a dark spirit x_x back in the 70's and I was running that quick to get away from this dark energy which appeared to me as a black shadow about 7' tall I don't think my feet touched the ground.

If you feel fear instead of a nice feeling if you know there is a spirit in the house then you can send that spirit back but you need to show no fear while you are sending it back, earth bound spirits don't know they have passed over, and lower astral entities that hook onto drug users to keep their habit going (while keeping their host in addiction don't know they have passed over from drug abuse or an over dose of drugs.

A flash of blue or white light is our loved ones that's what I see anyway when a loved one of mine is with me in the room.

Dark shadows and uneasy feelings you get are negative energies but you don't need to fear them they thrive on fear you can send them back with firm ness and with Archangel Michaels help as he is our protector all evil.
Call him in to assist you and be your protection, then say out loud in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ turn and go to the light, I do not fear you, you are no longer of this Earth plane turn and go to the light where your loved ones are waiting for you...
That's how I deal and have dealt with lower astral entities when cleansing a house or a person who has a lower astral entity attached to them that keeps them doing heavy drugs such as meth and putting bad thoughts to harm others into their heads a lot of people don't know this can happen you leave yourself wide open to lower astral entities when you abuse drugs or alcohol ...You then call in Archangel Michael to put his protection all around the house, you can cleanse your house with a white sage incense or smudge stick closing everything up while doing this then opening everything up, blessing your house with new positive energy..

Blessings jazz.
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Blessings jazz :)

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