" A Haunting"

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" A Haunting"

Postby solo » Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:55 pm

I have said in earlier posts, in all that I write I dedicate them to God. To Him everything is offered with love and devotion. These stories I tell are exactly the way they have happened without exaggerations. Also, names are never given.

Whenever I receive a call for help I just never really know what's in store. I received a phone call one afternoon from a woman asking for help for her friend. Apparently she was having some trouble with a haunting. I told her to tell the friend to phone me so we can make arrangements to meet. The following day she did phone. She began telling me of the strange and sometimes shocking occurrences which were taking place inside her home. She gave her address and we set a time to meet for the following day.

I always make it a rule never to go alone but to have someone with me I can trust and depend on if need be, and usually its always my brother who accompanies me. We arrived at the address given and was met by a very attractive young woman in her late twenties who lived alone with her small child. After we introduced ourselves she began telling us that she believes there are (3) spirit men in her home and they were causing much unrest. I interjected by saying there were four.

She then began telling my brother and I that her two year old daughter will not enter her own bedroom but stays clear of it, she now sleeps with me, the mother said.

She further said: I don’t get much sleep myself at night as I am plagued by bad dreams. Every morning when I get out of bed I am depleted as if something has siphoned off all my energy, and I feel really dirty and agitated. I keep hearing voices near my ear, and I often hear footsteps and scuffling around my bed. I feel them watching me all the time, and I sense them walking around me when I watch TV. I hear things in the kitchen moving, but when I look it stops.

The only time I feel relief and good in myself is when I get away for a while, even my energy returns. But as soon as I come home again I feel terrible. I just want them to go away and leave me alone. She then pleaded for help. I told her I will do what I can.

I knew these entities were waiting for us to arrive, because they definitely knew we were coming. These four were very sly and dirty, I could feel it and it made me very uncomfortable. I prayed silently for protection and strength, then asked for help in ridding these entities so to give relief to mother and daughter.

I tuned myself in to the vibration and this is what I saw: three very dirty and grubby men in their mid forties. Their clothes were torn and tattered with deep dirt stains showing. Their faces were dirty and sweaty. Two were balding, the third man’s hair was thick with dirt and grime and it stuck out as if never combed when in life. Then I saw the fourth man who was sitting on a chair in the kitchen,though in another dimension. He was huge, fat and grotesque, a monster of a man. Because of his appearance I got a shock when I first saw him. He was wearing dirty faded blue overalls, the ones that have no sleeves but shoulder straps only, and it showed off his huge bare chest.

His head was huge and bald except for some few hairs circling it. His massive body was ugly indeed, and as I looked at him I felt repelled in having to turn away as the sickness rose in my stomach. When I looked back at this hideous creature in the form of a man, I got the impulsion that I was looking at a “pig” in human disguise. That is the way he lived when in the physical. The sweat covering his huge frame seemed not to be sweat at all, but looked as if he was smeared in animal fat and it looked terribly grotesque. He was the “BOSS,” the leader of the other three. He gave the orders and the others carried them out.

I told all this to the woman, and I also said: these evil entities preyed on the living waiting for an opportunity to invade. When on earth they lived only for their lust and gluttony. These four now cling to the lower astral levels trying hard not to lose contact with the earth plane, or with those who dare invite them in through wrong ways.

What I was seeing and experiencing was the mirroring of their true inner-selves which were pure animal qualities. No, they were lower than an animal, they were evil and they did not care in the least who it was they preyed upon. After establishing what we were up against we then proceeded (my brother and I) in prayer asking assistance from God, and calling on our dear spirit helpers in giving aid.

As I entered each room mentally and spiritually I filled them with “white light” while asking for blessing in strengthening it. All rooms were cleansed and Blessed, all except the kitchen, this was my intention. Unbeknown to them I kept my thoughts hidden so not to give away my plan. I slowly but surely herded them into the kitchen where all four remained together. Now I could deal with them in one effort. I could see and feel their confusion as they desperately tried to know my next move. I shut out their words of thought to replace it with love of God, and this they did NOT like at all.

I continued with the cleansing by circling them in a bubble of white-light then I sealed it with a prayer. With all the strength I could muster I flung it as hard as I could back to where they came from, to wherever that was. They were now gone and in their place I clearly saw God, (YES) I clearly saw God ... who had taken the chosen form that I LOVE and worship.

He was smiling broadly at me while He went from room to room with a vacuum cleaner, showing me that he was cleaning up the residue left behind by those four low entities. I have not heard from the woman since, I do hope for the child’s safety at least that she stops doing whatever she did which allowed entry for these entities, as I do suspect only to well that it was her behaviour which gave way for them to enter. And by the look on her face when I told her this showed me that I was right. I wont tell of my thoughts here on what I did pick up concerning this woman’s behaviour, but what I did tell her was that she must change her ways for the sake of her child, if not for her own. Maybe she took my advice, maybe she did not.

I had to cut this Post down a bit as it would have been far to long if I gave all the details. In this story one would see clearly that we all have consequences to pay if we let our lives go off track, and our behaviour can surely affect our loved ones if we are not careful.
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Re: " A Haunting"

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:40 am

what an amazing experience, thank you for sharing. ^:)^
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