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New Breakup

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:48 pm
by poque22
Has my partner made the right decision in finishing the relationship?

it was sudden and out of the blue so Im concerned if he's rushed this decision with out discussing first..

Im struggling with this a bit.

thanks so much for any insight into this..

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:57 am
by jazz
Hi Poque,
I can understand why you are struggling with this,
It is up to your partner to give you the reason why he left without talking it over as this experience belongs to you both.
It is not a nice way to end things, do some reflecting back on the time you spent together and ask yourself was this r/ship growing as a couple for both of your highest of good?
Time shows to us the truth of any r/ship from what we experience emotionally with our feelings our gut feelings are our soul truth the kind of truth we cant supress or hide if we go against our truth as to what we are feeling then we will keep on masking what the real problem is with ourselves and with the person we have chosen to bring into our lives as a potential partner and we are totally responsible for who we bring into our lives.

I feel it was one sided and he was hard at times to please or show you any real affection and there was always doubt or mistrust in this r/ship I get feelings of being on edge all the time.??
Time spent with a person shows us the truth of everything we need to see, feel and hear that allows us to trust or go against our gut feelings as to what is real with a person and what is false with a person, we can be with a person being not happy, or not feeling loved but stay because we are insecure within ourselves and believe that another person can fix up any insecurities we have so we put up with not being happy or feeling not really loved or emotionally fulfilled because we fear we wont find anyone else to love us and that is a big myth and totally false in our lives and our way of thinking I know that from my own experience.
Ask yourself with honesty what you felt in this r/ship emotionally, it is our emotions and feelings that give us the truth of our real feelings our soul truth.
We bring any potential r/ship into our lives, each r/ship we have is a learning lesson for the two involved in that experience.
We have karmic learning lessons and we have Soul Mate r/ships and there is a difference...
We learn about ourselves the true us in those karmic learning lessons the negative and positive sides of us we all have, but we also learn about others when in a r/ship what did you learn from what you FELT emotionally from this person about yourself and the person you chose to have this experience with??
This is why we have r/ships to learn from and it is up to us how we learn and when we learn I must have been a slow learner because it took me many years to finally see the light go on about myself and what I wasn't seeing, feeling and hearing that was the soul truth of why I wasn't learning the many valuable lessons that were brought to me through r/ships and marriages.
Some of us do not give ourselves enough Self Worth, Self Confidence, feeling happy within, or Self Love that is why we except any ole thing and be treated in any ole way in r/ships.

If we go into a r/ship insecure then that r/ship will be insecure and usually we will find that the person we chose to bring into our lives has worse hang ups than us, but if we want to learn we then know that we need to do some work on ourselves and that experience was placed before us with that person of our choosing to learn valuable lessons about our true self.
All of the above begin with us no one else can give us these emotions and when we allow ourselves to give those emotions to ourselves they are very powerful and guide us to only what is right for us and for our highest of good not only in r/ships but in life.
Give thanks to any valuable lessons you have learned from your previous experience and take it with you into the future life is our greatest teacher and so are r/ships we learn and teach from them for our highest of good.

I feel see you with a very colourful person who has your interests at heart and you both being on the same page and having a great understanding of each other (not a confusing one) if that makes sense from the last one just gone.
I also see you doing very well in life you are skilled and have many talents so use them with confidence to their full potential and they will serve you well..
You have loads to look forward in the future make the most of your young life and live it to the fullest doing what brings you the most happiness.
You will be fine divine timing brings us what we are meant to have in our lives that is right for us and for our highest of good..

Blessings jazz.

Communication in a r/ship is so important without it you don't know how each other is feeling and what if any issues need to be changed or handled in a way that the two people involved in that r/ship are happy with that see's that r/ship grow..

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:52 pm
by poque22
Hi Jazz and thankyou so much for taking the time to answer my query.. I understand what you're saying however we are / were best friends and were sorting when to move in together, I spent so much time with his family etc and helping him out with things in his life. I dont understand that at 55 years old why the universe would put him in my path only to have it taken away again. so Im struggling to understand whether he has made the right decision based on our amazing time together or whether he was just having a 'moment' . I didnt ask for an explanation because I believe once someone has made up their mind to not be with someone then there is nothing else to be said. We are both 55 and I can truely say I was so happy with him and thought he was too..

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:54 pm
by Rev. Chris Roubis
good work Jazz ^:)^

Be thankful he didn't continue the relationship with you while he still went out with other people.
He did you a favor and ended it, as he was not that into you.

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:42 pm
by jazz
Chris you are right his true colours came through and it wasn't a nice way to just end the r/ship.
The universe sends us the perfect people for the perfect lessons we need to learn for ourselves and from others and although this lady had an amazing time in the time she was with him he wasn't the genuine person she thought he was and the r/ship wasn't the one that she is deserving of but that's his loss.
R/ships can be fun and we can have a great time with a person but that isn't all a r/ship is made up of sincerity, honesty and being sincere from the heart to another person is important to if he can just end the r/ship just like that he could do that in marriage too the warning signs come from another persons actions.
His lessons are to learn how to treat decent people who come into your life help you and be kind to you but deserve the same back.
We all go onto better happier things once we get passed the emotions we go through, take time to heal and realise ourselves that we are glad we had that experience for the wisdom gained to take with us into the future.
Only good things now for this dear lady she is still young and can enjoy life to the fullest.

blessings jazz.

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:49 pm
by Rev. Chris Roubis
very true Jazz

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:59 pm
by poque22
Thankyou both very much. I hope this is the case. I hope I find someone that I love and loves me back.

Re: New Breakup

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:35 am
by jazz
I trust in what I am given from spirit and my Angels including my son :ymhug: who is my spiritual helper O:-) now living on in the spirit world.
I know that good things come to those who are deserving and God and his Universal laws and ways work in wonderful mysterious ways that I have had a lot of proof of in my time here on the Earth Plane.

My spiritual work here is to offer guidance, comfort, futuristic insights I am given from spirit, reassurance and bring messages from loved ones who have passed over into the spirit world to those who are grieving for the loss of their loved one I know what that pain feels like and you never get over that pain and loss, but you do have to try hard to carry on for other loved ones in the family even if you don't want to be here yourself having to face each day not knowing how you are going to get through that day when you are numb with such pain.

I can not make anyone believe what insights I am given for them its not my job to once I pass on what spirit gives to me my work is done for that person.
I can only ask they be open to having faith for themselves and trust in the future and that in divine timing they will see why they were asked to have some faith when they are rewarded with love and happiness for any kindness, love and compassion they showed towards another and others they didn't have returned to them in previous experiences with relationships or in marriage. :ymhug:

blessings jazz.