"The Wandering Cowboy"

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"The Wandering Cowboy"

Postby solo » Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:43 pm

I thought I would post this short story before the weekend arrives, something a little more lighthearted than the last. This story is a real eye opener and a lesson for a sitter who just would NOT listen. Sometimes to the untrained eye we may think a spirit person is in need of assistance, but we soon learn that this is not the case at all as you will soon read.

Back in 2006 I was contacted by a medium who invited me to sit in a closed circle in a small suburb called (Oak Flats.) The person who was running the circle (at their home) said: before we start I would like to say, whatever one gets please give it off as it may coincide with what another is receiving. No matter how silly to you it may seem, please give it off.

(I mention the above only because its very true. Many people do not realise this truth. No matter how silly a message or a mental picture one receives, always give it off as it just might be the appropriate message that another has been waiting for. And it just happened to be (you) who was opened enough for allowing this message to come through. So remember, next time you sit in a circle do give off what you get. Also by doing this you are allowing your channel to remain open and obstruction free allowing for other messages to come through.)

About ten minutes into our sitting I announced in a low voice that we have a cowboy observing us. He is watching all that we do with fascination, and he is standing at the end of the room as if trying not to be seen. He has a saddle thrown over his shoulder and it seems to be brand “new.” He’s wearing his hat, boots, spurs and chaps. (chaps are the leather flaps which cowboys wear over their jeans to protect them.) He was an American cowboy minus the guns.

Then without hesitation or any concern for other sitters, a woman sitting next to me voiced out loudly (quickly he needs rescuing, guide him into the light.) as I focused my attention back to the cowboy after the shock of a loud voice, the cowboy replied: “NO,” I’m alright. A sitter will usually feel through empathy if a spirit person is in need of help, but with this cowboy I felt he needed no assistance at all but only wanted to observe.

So I told this to the woman. Again she pushed the point that he definitely needs our help and we are obligated to give it. She went on to say (you must do all you can for him. Tell him he needs to enter the light.) This went on for some minutes where she began telling stories of some of the rescues she had performed. I thought to myself she’s going way over board here, and I did expect the controller of the circle to step in by putting an end to this woman’s interjections.

But it was not to be, this woman’s ego was running wild and listening to the methods she uses was ridiculous to say the least. This was not my home circle and I was only a guest here, so I put up with as much as possible until finally I had to raise my concerns. I briefly stated that we should discuss this later when we are finished. I then tuned my vision back to the cowboy and this is what he said: (YOU TELL HER TO GET F---ED. I KNOW THAT I’M BLOODY DEAD, AND I’M ENJOYING WHAT I’M DOING.) I spoke with him for a couple of minutes, then asked the question of why was he carrying the saddle. His reply was; (I love this darn saddle and I’m not parting with it.) Remember the old saying, (enjoy it while you can because you cant take it with you) well, you might not be able to take it with you, but you surely can “create” a replica by thought.

Thought is a very powerful force, he created his saddle with a thought form. Maybe he knows this or maybe he doesn’t, but nevertheless he still has his saddle and he’s not parting from it. It seems his saddle is more important than his horse. Oh, and one more thing concerning the “boisterous” woman, when I passed the cowboy’s message onto her, she never spoke another word all night; and I never went back to that home circle.

As for the cowboy, he’s just not ready to move on and seems he just enjoys his wanderings, and has been doing this for quite some time. I do wonder just how many other souls there are that just enjoys roaming around ???

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Re: "The Wandering Cowboy"

Postby Chris Roubis » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:23 pm

awesome, thank you for sharing (*)

If the cowboy wants to wander around observing, good for him. At least he's not being a pest to anyone.
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