Reigniting drive

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Reigniting drive

Postby chelle2011 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:37 pm

Hello Chris,
thank you for providing an online reading forum - your generosity and 'connection' is of great value
where shall I focus
lack of focus, good point /:)
Q.where did that young woman go who was the first on both sides of the family to gain a degree, a masters?
Q.where did my passion, strength, hope, power, insight, confidence, spirit, energy, joy and sense of wellbeing run off to?
Crumbs, when I am 'sitting still' in my home, simply procrastinating, expertly AVOIDING decluttering, tidying, organising, taking positive steps, recognising gains....... and instead looking for unhealthy food choices to push down the emotion, cover up the need to reveal who I really am with layers of increasing body fat....... I yearn for the dynamic energetic young person I remember.
What are the blocks I am currently giving too much energy to?
Is my husband's work going to change in the near future?
Will my online business take me to the places full of light, enlightenment and the power to make a difference again?
How can I finally let go of the shackles of a limited upbringing?
How come my attempts to do EFT , and tapping my way through the murky sludge that is my everyday life, so easily lose traction?
Was the reading earlier this year right - it is safe even necessary for me to let go of any worry about finances?
Oh dear can you get a handle on the place I have mumbled my way into...... and the steps/words/mantra I could focus on to forge my way towards the light?

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Chris Roubis
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Re: Reigniting drive

Postby Chris Roubis » Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:06 pm

Chelle you have the answers inside you.. you do not need me to answer them for you, you already know the answers.

it is hard to reprogramme your mind, from years of crap decisions and negative thoughts all your life, whether from a bad childhood or not.

you obviously do not have enough focus or will power to make the changes you want.
it could be a mental thing and can be treated by a doctor, or it could be just laziness.
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