Get advice to give advice

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Jessica M
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Get advice to give advice

Postby Jessica M » Thu May 12, 2011 12:17 pm

My best friend is having trouble sleeping,here's the details why she and i are interested in the properties of stones (i got her started on it) so she has Amethyst under her pillow when she sleeps.

She thinks their is a "ghost/spirit" in her bedroom or maybe something else she keeps assuming it's something trying to harm her,you know when you can sense when a spirit is close to you by getting goose bumps right? well i guess she feels that or some sort of strong energy then freaks out.It bothered me that she stayed home from school today because she was unable to sleep.She is naturally skeptical when it comes to things like this,and when it does happen whats their for her to do except let her mind run wild.

I told her that those stones can heighten psychic abilities,she thinks that's part of it not all of it that's what she told me,it also could be nothing at all for example my mom can't be around Amethyst's they have a negative reaction on her body and they maker her jittery and she can't stop shaking.I'm thinking that could be happening to my best friend that the energy from the stone is too much for her brain to handle,she wears a amethyst pendant during the day and it doesn't seem to bother her,but from what she has told me,she feels the energy at her dads house when she is in her bedroom.

I mentioned to her that it could be that she is just noticing her spirit guides,and the fact that "they" have been their the while time your just noticing them now,she thought about the spirit guide idea but doubts the fact they have been their yea spirits do come and go but usually they don't follow you at random and if it was she would feel it more than just at her dads house.

I haven't told her much about my abilities because she's skeptical and well end up arguing over it weather it has happened to her or not and she doesn't really believe me pretty much why i didn't waste my energy trying to get her to believe me.I'm running out of words to say to get her to understand,she's at her dads house again tonight i told her if she doesn't come to school tomorrow im going to make her read a lot of books i didn't tell her that i was going to hand her "spiritual" books and she reads a lot so she wasn't threatened by the face i was going to make her read.

So any ideas on what it could be? how can i get her ego out of the way to get her to just listen? guess i should write letters and male them to her that way she can't talk back just has to read and listen.I should try that but most likely then she'll call me and object :-? who knows #:-s sounds like theirs lost of work to be done.

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Chris Roubis
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Re: Get advice to give advice

Postby Chris Roubis » Fri May 13, 2011 2:49 pm

people like that, you just cannot help.
I pick up random spirits everywhere i go, they haven't bothered me from sleeping..

She is making herself lose sleep, it's not the spirits..

perhaps she needs more education on spirits.... maybe your suggestion on some books for her might help, or it might make her even more sensitive to her paranoia

I really don't know what to tell you. maybe she needs to do some psychic workshops or join a spiritual church to develop her feelings towards spirits.
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