"A Rescue"

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"A Rescue"

Postby solo » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:09 pm

I would like to bring to the awareness of those who are serious in their spiritual upward climb that they are never alone. Those whom we know to be the enlightened ones, these great souls give aid and encouragement to those who are genuine in their development. They know only to well of the difficulties, trials and tests one goes through when treading this path. Who better to help (us) … than the ones who have gone on before us and who have reached the goal in life.

This rescue took place on a Tuesday night in the meditation room of my brothers home in 2007. My brother and I have for quite a few years now been sitting once a week where we are constantly amazed of the good fortune we are given by those whom we meet from the spirit realms. The privilege that is given us is never taken for granted nor are the words they enlighten us with.

The question may arise in some minds, why not those in spirit attempt the rescue themselves, as the person in question has already died and no longer connected to the physical body. Lost souls are very close to the earth level, their mind is still connected heavily with the physical plane and that of their last memory before a sudden death overtakes them, (as they do not know they have died.)

Because of this, its much easier for a human living in the physical with all the trappings and vibrations of being attached to the earth to make better contact with them. I have been told those in spirit try very hard to break through the barriers of thought created by those lost. Quite diligently (they say); we try many times to break through the walls which the mind creates, only to fail at every attempt. Fear or confusion of mind at the time of death blocks all efforts from those trying to help. All we can do is wait for the right opportunity, or to get some assistance from those who are still connected to the physical body. Do not think that everyone who passes in such tragic circumstances are lost, no, not all are lost but some.

(Spirit says) … Eventually, sooner or later those lost will succumb to our attempts but it may take time. Its only when the mind of a lost soul begins to recount his/her last moments before death that an opportunity opens for others to intervene, and in some cases a soul can remain trapped for centuries, but of course time there is not the same as time here. This is why rescue work is vital. If those still attached to the physical are genuinely willing to sacrifice a little of their time by learning how to give of themselves for the benefit of helping those lost, then we on this side will give all the available sources to aid you as best we can.

There is not one person in the world (spirit says) who is “never” given the wonderful chance at an opportunity. Here, one can give of themselves to be used as an instrument where spirit can use and direct in doing some good whether its rescue work or some other. And many times throughout our life we are directed in “someway” by spirit (for our own good, or someone else’s) and never are we consciously aware of it at the time.
This night while drifting into meditation I glanced a face with a “Friar’s hair cut. You know the style, a bowl hair-cut shaven on top. The face had a golden radiance exuding from it. I then realised this was no ordinary friar but one who long ago when on earth lived according to the ways of God, and who was later canonized in sainthood by the Catholic church.

I was holding the vision of St Francis, who we know to be the patron Saint of animals, but I have discovered he is much more than this. He looked at me in a way that made me feel very humble, for he showed only love and compassion from the stare he gave. As his name flashed through my mind his face lit up in smile. There were no words spoken only empathy, which in itself were much better than words. As I filled my vision with this wonderful man he moved to the side in revealing a large open oval area of trodden dirt. Surrounding this area were many trees and shrubs of a very low level of colour, in fact the colour itself seemed to be washed out. There were only faint greys and browns with just a slight hint of green, and that to was barely visible. I didn’t like this place, it felt incomplete somehow and it made me very uncomfortable. Even the leaves on the trees were totally diluted of colour, and it seemed everything was in drought condition with no growth. Everything was absent of beauty and of life.

As I looked around I felt this place was used for violent activity. This whole opening of ground seemed to be a location where once fierce fighting took place, as that thought entered my mind I then knew this area was a chosen location where knights who were challenged met and fought. Some would surrender to the better opponent, others would continue fighting till the death, this was a place where knights would either test each others abilities in combat, or where grudges were dealt with.

This information was automatically filling my mind as I continued scanning the area. The more I stayed in this low vibration the more information I would receive. I then began to grasp the full comprehension of why this area looked the way it did. “It was not real in a sense, but a creation of thought only.” When his death came suddenly he held onto the memory of this place. His last violent memory while in the physical created a world of materialized thought. This is the reason why it looked so gloomy and void of all life and colour.
Sitting in the centre of this large open area was a large rock, and sitting on it was a knight. He wore a sleeveless white tunic with a big red cross on the front. Beneath his tunic he wore (which looked to be) loose metal mesh covering his upper and lower part of his body. As I watched him I noticed he would only sit for brief moments at a time, then without warning he would abruptly jump to his feet rubbing his hands over his head and face as if trying to bring back to memory of something lost.

My consciousness was now in another time of existence, another dimension.

This knight was caught up in a time warp of some sort. The spot where he sits is the very same spot where he had died. He was caught in a dimension where time literally stands still, and here he has been for centuries. I then thought of St Francis and knew that it was he who brought me here for the sole purpose of helping this knight. I just googled the era of Saint Francis and it showed 1215 AD. This knight has been here since then, nearly eight hundred years. You may not believe this, but I assure you this is the absolute truth.

I have learned with all rescues one must first earn their trust, and this was no exception. This was an incredible dimension where I did feel I was going to have trouble getting through to him. If I could get through to him (I kept thinking,) and he starts to listen to my words, then he may start to realise there maybe something to what I say. As soon as he starts to realise this, then the walls of thought will start to thin allowing those who are near to enter. The knight could not break loose from the circle of where he sat, he could not move beyond this ground, he was trapped within it by his own making, in fact, he became his own jailer caused by his own mind and the confusion showed heavily on his face.

Then I spoke, (hello friend, it seems like you are in some need of help, can I assist in someway.) He looked at me with some astonishment as if trying to fathom where I had come from. (Again I asked, do you need some help.) “YES,” he answered loudly. I’m not sure what has happened, I cant seem to be able to leave this area. Its very strange (he said) if I walk to the end of this ground, I seem to be back where I started, right next to this rock. (For those who are reading this, the knight was a Frenchman, we both understood each others language perfectly.)
“You see, language and dialects are only governed when on earth in the physical. There are no barriers when communicating by thought, even though he was speaking with words from his mouth, thought comes before words. Also because this did occur a few years ago I cant bring fully to mind all that was said as it was not documented at the time.”

After we both held a conversation for some minutes where he became more relaxed and more confident in himself, he then said: “I’M DEAD AREN’T I.”
I was very pleased that (HE) said this on his own accord, otherwise it was going to be up to me in having to enlighten him of the fact. (Yes you are, I replied. I have come to help you, you have been here for a long time.) The knight told me that he has been thinking on this possibility (death) for sometime, but just couldn’t accept it because he still had his body as there was nothing missing from it, it was all intact. (I told him how he was caught up in a dimension of his own making which keeps him from moving outside of it, and preventing others from entering it to give aid.) He then asked me what did I mean by dimension, and to explain (to his understanding) of why he can not move outside this area. (I explained as good as I could by telling him he was caught between two worlds, the world which is earth, and the one where we go after death. You my friend (I said) are caught in the middle by your own making. Here you will remain only until you accept the truth of your death. Now that you have decided that I am speaking the truth, you can now move on to a much more beautiful place. If you want, I can show you how to move on outside of this area.) I could see he still was a little hesitant, then (3) knights appeared. In my mind I was given who they were. I then said: (your (3) comrades in arms have just arrived.) He turned in search of his friends but could not see them. One of the (3) knights had full armour on, sitting on top of his helmet was one large feather. When I mentioned the feather, in recognition the knight jumped to his feet and said (no, not helmet but head armour.) It was the “feather” that seemed to break him loose from the entrapment of his mind. His confusion and bewilderment which was clearly visible on his face earlier was now rapidly diminishing.

His (3) friends were now quite visible and with fascination I watched as they laughed and hugged each other. Then they turned and walked off together all laughing and talking till they faded from my vision. Usually I create a doorway by thought, or a doorway of light opens by spirit themselves where their loved ones and friends all stand waiting with smiling faces and opened arms. But not this time, as they walked off they became finer and finer in appearance till they faded completely.

I give this in story form so its more easily grasped by minds, never do I make up but give it in the best possible detail.
As for St Francis, he is one of many who grants us visitations by raising the vibrations in our meditation room, there we are able to learn much of ourselves along with many other things as well.
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Re: "A Rescue"

Postby Chris Roubis » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:55 pm

OMG what a beautiful experience.
Thank you so much for sharing this. ^:)^
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