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Postby solo » Sat Oct 22, 2011 5:02 pm

This is only a short story which occurred in 2006. It tells of some things I must be on guard against.

It was around 9:30pm when I went to bed and began to slightly dose. All of a sudden and without warning (again) I found myself outside my body standing in strange surroundings which looked much like India. I could even feel the Indian heat on my face as if I was physically there.

As I stood gazing about me I noticed the many different nationalities of people all around. On one side of this dirt street was many little shops, on the opposite side was a large open area with a very large yet beautiful gazebo. As I approached this gazebo, sitting under its roof were many different races of people who sat cross legged, and they were singing to God with closed eye’s; and every now again they would all raise their hands as if in prayer.

As I was watching all this, a little elderly Indian lady with a very radiant face came up to me, she had the warmest of smiles and seemed she had been waiting for me. Because she was only small in stature, or in height, she could only wrap her arms around my waist and not my neck. Then she gave me a most wonderful hug as if we both knew each other well. I called her by name, as if I always knew it. I said; hello MOTHER. While she was hugging me I was feeling an incredible “heat” generating from her body and it was penetrating my own body, though it wasn’t my physical but my astral body.

It wasn’t unpleasant in fact far from it, but rather a most beautiful feeling of intense love and strong penetrating heat. She radiated such an incredible force of heat that it really took me by surprise, if only I had the good sense to ask her about this, but I never did. Then she stood on her toes and raise herself higher to give a little kiss on my cheek. Then she stepped back, looked deeply into my eye’s and said: (Do not fear he is with you. Everywhere you go there will be little devils and demons watching you.

They are sitting on top of all doorways watching your every move. Ignore them. Remember he will protect you. Never fear, you will not be harmed. ) I was stunned at what she said, I called her Mother without hesitation in knowing that was her title, but I didn’t know her in person (not to my knowledge anyway). She then turned and left with a western man who seemed to be her escort, everywhere she went he followed directly behind. I watch her cross the street to sit with others under the gazebo where she began to sing along with raised hands.

She said doorways, could this mean other dimensions which I experience often, and the dark forces which at times try stopping me from seeing and knowing the things I discover through inner inquiry, especially if I’m going to pass it on. Also in what I have been told during my “sittings” ... because of the rising vibration of the coming New Age, dark forces will run rampant trying to do as much harm as possible before their end comes.

Yes, I have experienced the things she warned me of, and still do.

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Re: "Mother"

Postby Chris Roubis » Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:35 am

great experience Wayne and thank you again for sharing.

I think you might be right in the doorways meaning.. well you have nothing to worry about. let them watch and listen.
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