"The Lost Soldier"

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"The Lost Soldier"

Postby solo » Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:55 pm

This is a rescue which occurred back in 2005. It was not long while sitting in meditation that I began to quickly drift deeper and deeper into a meditative state where I lost all consciousness of self, only to find that I had been transported to a very dull and gloomy environment.

As I looked around me I could see that the ground was heavily up-heaved. There were mounds of dirt and deep craters scattered all around. Smoke slowly drifted through the air leaving thin wisps of blue smoke trails. Then out of the semi-darkened silence I heard a mans voice call out in a raised whisper, “Get-Down” they will see you. As I looked in the direction to where this voice came from, I could just make out through the hazy darkened atmosphere a man laying on the ground behind a large lump of dirt, or maybe it was a bunker of some sort, the ones soldiers dig when preparing for heavy battle.

Then at that moment the realisation swept over me that this was a “rescue.” (you see, most times I never know what’s going to take place when I sit in meditation. When things such as these occur I’m usually left to myself in having to work them out. But gradually it is getting easier.)

I called back to the soldier who had an American accent, (who will see me), “the Germans,” get down you will give our location away, he whispered in a strained voice. I knew I had to get his attention and try to convince him that the war has been over for a long time and that he was now “dead,” but to do this I had to try to make him aware of the situation he was in without causing more confusion. So I had to go slowly and carefully. He told me the Germans keep repeating the same maneuvers over and over by driving their vehicle in his direction, but then abruptly they would stop and turn back.

I think they know I’m here, they must do otherwise they wouldn't keep coming back all the time. (he said,) but they don’t exactly know where I am. Then suddenly without warning he said (get down) here they come again. I looked ahead and noticed a very bright light which appeared out of nowhere. This light slowly came towards us where he became more frantic with fear, I could see it in his face. Then I noticed that this light was not the light from a vehicle at all, but a light which had an open doorway within it, a doorway which was just barely visible due to the brightness.

At that moment in time I was given by spirit, or from a higher source that the light is for him, its his doorway out of this illusion, the illusion which he has caused himself to be imprisoned in. Then I began to receive thoughts saying: we have been trying for so long to get his attention, but his fear keeps him trapped in his own world which his (mind) has created. He doesn’t know he died, a bomb exploded where he now lays. There he has remained all this time since WW1. His name is Jimmy. We have tried approaching him many times but because of his state of mind, and that which he has created, we cannot get through. (a long time to be hiding in the dirt I thought) time to him did not exist, not the way we know of it anyway.

I began to speak with him at length, trying to get his trust. Then I told him about the light, what it really was, and not it being a German's vehicle shining its headlights as he thought it to be. I told him of the lights purpose, and the reason “why” I am here.

He looked hard at me, then said: (you’re saying I’m dead, and all this is not real.) I could see by the expression on his face that he was trying hard to fathom the words just told him. Then all at once I was able to know his thoughts, I knew them even before he spoke, and the words that came from me were not my words but some other. It was as if someone or something was using me like a puppet in making sure I get through to him, in so doing, the right words had to be given with precision.
(its hard to give the exact meaning of what I say here, I guess its because back in this third dimension where we exist stops us from being able to fully comprehend all that which exists in a higher dimension, and its very difficult indeed in trying to explain it when we come down from this higher level.)

It seemed all this soldier needed was a distraction to be put upon his mind, once this occurred those in spirit could do the rest.

He was silent for a time, then I could see he was beginning to comprehend some of the things said. He rose to his knees and began looking all around him. Some of the things that had occurred right here where he laid, things he couldn’t explain away but kept for so long pushing them to the side. Now it seemed he was slowly starting to accept all that was said, but because his reasoning couldn’t fully comprehend it or even grasp it, (he said) OK, prove it.

I asked him, how do you want me to prove it. (he said) when that light shows up again, get up and walk towards it. No sooner said the light appeared. I stood up and began approaching the light. Just as I stood before it I turned to look back at the soldier, I beckoned him to do the same by following me, I stretched out my arm and told him to take my hand. Hesitantly he got to his feet and took hold of my hand. I could then for the first time see faces within the light, smiling faces. I felt a great rush of love coming from this light, or rather it may have been from the faces I was seeing. I knew all these faces were his war buddies and loved ones, getting ready to welcome him in to his new world.

As soon as he was able to see the faces his own face lit up and tears began to form. Where there was once great fear and trepidation now only joy existed. Then once more without warning I was back to full consciousness hearing my brothers voice saying... are you back, are you alright. Yes I replied. I then gave all the details to my brother, and we sent our prayers for all concerned.

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Re: "The Lost Soldier"

Postby Chris Roubis » Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:01 pm

That was beautiful, thank you for sharing.
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