How to end a Bad Relationship

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How to end a Bad Relationship

Postby Chris Roubis » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:31 pm

7 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Bad Relationship ... ationship/

10 Steps to End a Toxic Relationship ... ationship/
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Re: How to end a Bad Relationship

Postby jazz » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:06 pm

Chris :) Its good to see more info coming out regarding r/ships there are so many layers to r/ships and how to end a r/ship that is not right for you, /both of you, harmful to you, addictive to you, becomes violent towards you,/ blackmails you, cheats on you, :-s and other traits that are attached to the wrong kind of r/ships for us but the right lessons for our learning and growth and for the growth of our soul. :)

I hope it helps others to understand when we are asked questions regarding r/ships that a yes/no answer can not always be given as it is up to the individual/ individuals in that r/ship to take responsibility for who they choose that certain individual to come into their lives and as soon as they become intimate with each other the lesson begins as they choose to have the experience they are having with each other for the reason of showing them if they are meant to be or not and only time and what those two individuals experience together gives them the answer.

We can only give what warnings or signs to be aware of that spirit give to us the rest is up to you (spirit does not interfere with your free will and choice) whether or not you want to take heed of any warning or sign so you can in reality at least be more realistic with the truth of how that r/ship is working out for you being completely honest to yourself.

Not every one wants to hear the truth, only because they are insecure about themselves and want to be in a r/ship and be loved, so they will hang on as long as they can to a r/ship that is not growing for them and with the person they are with only because they fear they wont meet anyone else, a lot of our fears keep us in stagnant situations and stop us from moving forward so we repeat the same lessons over and over, once we give to ourselves ....self love, self worth, self confidence and learn from any hard and disappointing r/ship we have had, stop blaming our selves for not being good enough, pretty enough, slim enough, what ever then we will see we were simply trying to love or please the wrong person for us.
When we can except that and stop putting ourselves down or feel sorry for ourselves we will see what role we played in that r/ship with that person and they to us.
What those two people experienced was a Karmic learning lesson r/ship that those two souls chose to have for their growth some will learn from karmic r/ships some wont it is up to the individual when that type of r/ship ends and two people go their own way the lesson is complete so we take what ever wisdom we have gained from that lesson about ourselves and of another and we allow ourselves time to heal, reflect on that r/ship bless it and the person who we chose to have in our lives as a potential partner which was a valuable lesson to us and let it go, by giving thanks to the lesson and all that we have learned or gained for ourselves that has allowed us to understand better what we need to do or put right with any insecurities we have we can see more clearly why we have learning lesson r/ships come into our lives, yes some can be very hard to learn especially when they are abusive towards us even so that shows us we do not have to remain being abused by a person who has mental or emotional problems that we cannot fix for them the lesson there is we need to be in control of how we allow others to treat and that it is alright not to feel guilty to leave a person who is abusing us even although we may at the time believe we are in love with that person usually because they have shown to us their good side until they change with their addiction or violent side which usually comes from childhood or some other issue.
We all need to know men and women /women/women/men/men that it is not alright to be abused in a r/ship, and that they are our lessons with a person to show us we do not have to be treated like that and by leaving that shows the other person if they don't get help for their problem they will not have a partner in their lives but that is up to them to want to get help or as some they wont admit to having any fault and blame their partner for everything they are the ones who will be alone and without a partner in their lives.

I have given thanks to all my r/ships and marriages and all the valuable lessons and wisdom I have learned from those experiences, they have brought all my insecurities out in to the open for me to see and all my strengths too once the penny dropped and the rose coloured glasses came off I could finally be myself and stop trying to please and love all the wrong kinds of people who never returned love and kindness back to me.
It was better than winning lotto because I thought everything was my fault and that I was doing everything wrong but that wasn't it at all once I understood r/ships in a better more clearer way I understood myself and could be myself again and feel good that I can be my own person and love myself enough never to be abused again its okay to walk away from what isn't right for you, healthy for you, happy for you or loving for you and that is what you feel with and in r/ships we can all tell in our soul if we are being loved or not love is a feeling not a thought we cannot think does this person love me we need to feel if we are or not without suppressing the truth because your soul truth will always give you the answer you need and we can ignore that or trust it I am so glad I started to trust the truth I was feeling in my soul it set me free from further Karmic learning lessons and karmic marriages (yes we have them to).
Be yourself at all times get help or go to empowering classes if you have a lot of insecurities about yourself, your body your looks what ever it is .
Confidence is a great asset to go through life with, self worth, self love, and feeling happy within ourselves is just the greatest feeling ever :) we all have these qualities but they get lost under layers of stuff or people that come into our lives that will bring us down and throw us off track with our self confidence until we find it again through lessons that will come into our lives to give it back to us again and open up all the other qualities we were born with but don't always find until we have the certain experiences of life that we all chose to have before we come here to this Earth Plane remember this is the Plane of emotions, feelings, and learning life is our greatest teacher here :ymhug:

Blessings Jazz.
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Blessings jazz :)

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