Why do I have Bad Relationships

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Why do I have Bad Relationships

Postby Chris Roubis » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:04 pm

Relationships are mirror images of your own life, how you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you react and respond to different situations and people around you.

Be aware that every relationship is an opportunity for soul growth.

It may be time to evaluate and appreciate the relationships you have right now, or even those from the past, good or bad.

Even a difficult relationship can be a surprising spiritual catalyst for you. All relationships, whether they’re on an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level, are part of the learning process and enlightenment of the soul.

No matter what category a relationship falls into, it acts as a teaching tool for the lessons your soul needs to learn. It can help you understand, change, or enhance your individual qualities.

Ask yourself, if it was in the past, “What did I learn from that relationship?” or if it’s a current relationship, ask yourself, “What am I learning from this relationship?”

Different types of relationships have an uncanny way of identifying which aspects of your life need attention. At times, they reveal your vulnerabilities and insecurities, or your need for attention, approval, and acceptance.
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Re: Why do I have Bad Relationships

Postby jazz » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:53 am

Great Post Chris ^:)^ (*) (*) (*)
It is a great moment when the light bulb moment happens for us with r/ships and we actually know what went wrong in that r/ship with us, our partner and the whole situation.
The truth of any r/ship comes out eventually.
The Universe sends us the right partner for the right learning lessons we all need (if we choose to learn).
We may think at the time this is or that hasn't been fair in our lives and why do I keep on getting hurt but it all comes down to us and what we do to ourselves and ALLOW others to do to us( when we are insecure, have no confidence in ourselves, no self worth, no self love, or self happiness within, and expect another person to come into our lives hold us up, save us, and put all our problems right and fix us up if we are emotionally unstable and insecure.
we do need to be honest with ourselves and our partner as to our faults and insecurities and see the role we are playing in that experience and what is really going with us or what we are feeling from the other person trusting our gut feelings which is our soul truth centre we should ourselves am I really happy with this person, do I feel loved and wanted by this person, do I feel this is going to grow for us both, am I expecting this person to put all my hang ups right and make me happy, or does he expect me to make him happy and fix up all his hang ups, when any r/ship falls apart we need to reflect on that experience learn from it keep any wisdom we have learned and take responsibility for the role we played in that experience knowing then why it never went the distance.
There are many layers of learning to r/ships what ever we attract into our lives are our lessons before we graduate and if meant to be find our soul mate on that soul level of love.
It is up to us how long we want to stay in a r/ship that isn't working out, and it is up to us when we want to leave some will hang on hoping for great changes to happen (that don't) and others just know its time to part for both their highest of good and then you have the co-dependency r/ships that can go on for years because both do not want to stand on their own two feet even although it is a toxic r/ship they don't have the strength to leave one and another as they are holding each other up through fear addictions and their insecurities and some co-dependency r/ships I have seen are violent and very abusive but the abused still stays through choice.
What we do in r/ships is entirely up to us, how we want to be treated is also up to us every thing about r/ship experiences is up to us for our learning and for the growth of our soul while we are here on this Earth Plane.
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Blessings jazz :)

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