Inner Talk For Peace Of Mind.

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Inner Talk For Peace Of Mind.

Postby jazz » Fri May 06, 2016 10:30 am

I am whole......Body, Mind and Soul. O:-)
I need no one else to complete me.
I cut the cord that makes my survival dependent upon
anyone or anything else.
I know I am a powerful being.


If you are having problems letting go emotionally of a r/ship when you have let go physically, then call in
Archangel Michael to help you cut the cords if you still feel connected to your ex partner or are tempted
to go back and be used or abused because of your fears.
Ask Archangel Michael to be present while you are saying this powerful affirmation to claim back all of your
power then visualize his flaming sword of justice cutting all the necessary cords to free you from any emotions
that keep you.........
mentally, physically, and emotionally crippled with fear, insecurity, lack of self confidence, self worth, or
self love which will stop you from moving forward, healing and having hope for any future happiness.
When you can let go physically, mentally and emotionally of what isn't for your highest of good then you are
free from those chains once and for all which leaves you being able to move into the future being in your full
power, renewed confidence, new self worth, new self love, and knowing what you want for yourself in a r/ship or
in a marriage of your choosing in the near future.
All r/ships and marriages we have TEACH US so learn from them all the valuable lessons they do show to us while
we are in that experience with who ever we have chosen to learn from....
We learn the Truth about ourselves and what we are really made of not what another wants us to be for them we
need to allow ourselves to be how WE were meant to be and not try to live to making another happy by being a
different person to who we really are.
Finding our true selves faults and all is an enlightening time we see all that we need to see for our highest of good.
We then go into the future being confident about making better choices for ourselves from any wisdom learned. ;)
Please trust that new beginnings are always there for us after endings don't fear making any necessary changes you
know you need to make in your life that will bring you closer to what you are meant to have in your life not what
you are willing to except because of any fears or insecurities we deserve the very best in love and happiness and
we are the only ones who can allow ourselves to have that so don't sell yourself short in life aim for the highest of
what you know you are worth and deserve and see it all happen for you :ymhug:

Blessings jazz. :ymhug:
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Blessings jazz :)

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