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Postby jazz » Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:15 am

According to Spiritual law you can have anything your heart desires.
However if your happiness, sense of security or feeling of power depends on someone or something
in your life, then you are attached to that person or thing and it is a chain that binds to a lower frequency
and keeps you stuck.

Your guidance is to ask the angels to help you cut the cords that tie you to people, things and emotions.
When all attachments are released, you can no longer be manipulated emotionally.
This enables you to reclaim your power and be genuine.

Free your spirit and that of others let go now.

I release everyone and everything, my spirit is free. :ymhug:

Blessings jazz.
I continue to do free of charge, a one question reading. For a more detailed paid reading you can, Send Private Message by clicking on my name.
Blessings jazz :)

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