Scientists now admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer

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Scientists now admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer

Postby Chris Roubis » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:55 pm

(NaturalNews) Since the 1980s, physicians and cancer groups have regularly warned the public against the potential health dangers of direct sunlight on skin. As a result, many people have stayed out of the sunlight completely, covered their limbs even in warm weather or slathered themselves with UV protection products, all in the interest of lowering their risk of melanomas.

However, more recent findings indicate that this kind of nearly vampiric avoidance of the sun may not benefit your cancer odds after all.

A 2009 study by a group of Leeds University researchers found that higher levels ofVitamin Dwere linked to improvedskin cancersurvival odds. Other studies have found that Vitamin D has a connection to a strong immune response in thebody. In fact, Vitamin D may hasten the death of tumor cells.

Unfortunately, mostpeoplehave low levels of Vitamin D, leaving them at higherriskfor a host of diseases including breastcancer, prostate cancer, bowel cancer, cervical cancer, rickets and osteoporosis. (For more in-depth information on this, see this report:

"It's common for the general public to have low levels of vitamin D in many countries," said Professor Julia Newton Bishop of the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine and author of the Leeds study. "Melanomapatientstend to avoid thesunas sunburn is known to increase the risk ofmelanoma. We use sunshine to make vitamin D in theskin, so melanoma patients' levels of vitamin D may be especially low."

Bishop also noted that people can get more Vitamin D through dietarysourcessuch as fatty fish. She points out that balance is key, as extremely high levels of Vitamin D can have a negative effect onhealth.

The mainstream media continues to run stories everysummerwarning people against the sun even two years after the Leeds study. While hours of sunbathing may be risky behavior for your long-term health, receiving a moderate amount ofsunlightwhile out gardening or walking is actually as good for you as eating a low-fat diet and engaging in regular exercise. In fact, laying off thesunscreenmay help you not only absorbsunshineinto your skin to help fight tumors, but also helps you avoid the chemicals in most commercial sun blockingproducts. Some studies have indicated that these chemicals can actually generate harmful free radicals in the body.

So this summer, relax, and enjoy the sunshine.

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Learn more: ... z1rcc9iYXs
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