Activating Our Solar Magnetism, Part II ~ I Am Avatar Yoga ~

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Activating Our Solar Magnetism, Part II ~ I Am Avatar Yoga ~

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Instant Manifestation from the Crystalline Grid

Instant Manifestation from the Crystalline Grid
Exercising our Unified Power
New Moon Grid Transmission, February 21

The boundaries between the physical plane and the higher planes are continuing to merge into one ascended field of energy also known as the zero point. This global synthesis of dimensions plays a major role in our ability to manifest instantaneously.
The length of time that would normally elapse between the creation of a thought form/idea/vision on the mental plane and it's manifestation on the physical plane is significantly reducing as the subtle spheres including our own bodies are purged of all limiting, discordant energy by the transmuting stellar frequencies of the Great Central Sun. As we come to fully embody the divine qualities of our Solar Self, experiencing the total activation of our Great Central Sun magnetism, the manifesting potential of our individual and group field will expand to reach new, unprecedented heights.
To call forth something into being from nothing is to truly be as God. It is our divine birthright to be as the Elohim, the master builders of form. All matter and living light substance is ours to command, to take the shape of that which we desire in order to fulfill the Will of God on Earth.

As solar magnets, we can draw to ourselves all the necessary particles of energy from the Great Central Sun to manifest and precipitate whatever we require to serve humanity. Our motives must be come from a place of divine integrity, with no thought to the needs or wants of the lower self. We must allow ourselves to exist solely through the solar impulse of our I AM Presence.
The purity of our thought and feeling body will be the determining factor of whether or not we become masters of instantaneous manifestation!
Once a clear examination of our motives has yielded the purity of our intention, our eyes must be single, with laser sharp focus on that which we seek to manifest. One of the primary reasons we do not see the complete fruition of our visions and ideas is that we become easily distracted and lose focus on the ultimate goal. It is deceptively easy to place our attention on too many things at once, our scattered thoughts resulting in the loss of our singular divine focus. It is through the power and presence of developed FOCUS and CONCENTRATION that we can amplify our ability to manifest at will.

Please use this audio to develop your ability to focus and concentrate at will and through the power of the I AM that I AM.
Mastering Concentration for Instant Manifestation
Audio Support


The Five Levels of Manifestation

In order to attain mastery over the materialization and manipulation of matter, we must first acknowledge the five levels through which energy passes to become fully manifest:

Spiritual Level - We recognize that we are God manifesting another part of ourselves that exists within a body of God, we are all particles of the same energy.

Etheric Level - Once we have fully visualized our desire and made our invocation for its manifestation, we understand that it now fully exists on the etheric plane, ready to manifest.

Mental Level - Through mental discipline we keep our mind focused on the Immaculate Concept, the perfection of the desire we seek to manifest, our mind's eye remaining steady in the Light.

Emotional Level - As we maintain our enthusiasm, devotion and child-like faith in God and the Universal Laws, we draw forth the required forces of instant manifestation.

Physical Level - We experience the full materialization of that which we seek.

As we experience heightened levels of solar magnetism through the building of our Group Antahkarana and internal magnets, our relationship with the living light substance that makes up all life will shift into a paradigm of perfected co-creation.

Audio Support: Journey to the Great Central Sun

The Foundation released this audio during our last moon transmission. We are receiving ABSOLUTELY AMAZING reports of family members experiencing instant manifest and one blessing after another!!!!!

Please continue to use this audio to activate your Solar Magnetism and deepen your connection to the Great Central Sun. We are in fantastic momentum... let's keep shining strong Children of the Sun!



February 21, 2012
Manifesting in Group Formation
from the Planetary Crystalline Grid

The incredible power of our Group Avatar forcefield has contributed to the manifestation of miracles all over our beloved Mother Earth.

Bearing witness to these miraculous events, we KNOW with absolute faith that we are unified and supported through radiant bands of the planetary Crystalline Grid. We also recognize that WE are the living embodiment of this crystalline lattice of light and that this same grid has been programmed with the infinite potential to magnify all divine intention.

The fact that our ability to manifest is increased exponentially when we come together in group formation should then come as no surprise!

This New Moon we are greatly encouraging each member of our Global Family to reach out to their local Geo Team Leaders in order to come together on the physical plane to ground and actualize our ability to manifest instantly. Each one of us carries powerful codes, that when unlocked through the presence of our Group Soul, catalyze deeper levels of Divine Remembrance thus serving to affect a greater healing of the mass consciousness. Our inner sun shines with even MORE brilliance when in the presence of fellow light servers as the transfiguring power of Divine Love permeates through the group field.

Intoning the sacred Words of Power such as AUM or I AM while in group formation will add colossal power to your unified intentions. While toning in tandem with your team, hold your mind steady in the light on that which you seek to manifest. The Words of Power will gather more streams of energy from the subtle planes to support your mighty invocation while simultaneously amplifying your group synergy.

If there is something that you require on your Path that will positively enhance your life and ability to serve, ask your Geo Team and our Group Soul for assistance in the manifestation process. We are here to ensure every single one of us is raised to the same level of vibration! If there is no Geo Team in your area, know that you can still invoke the full power of our Group Avatar into your manifestation work.

Together we can hold the vision of our entire Group Body as an illuminating Solar Presence, fully activated as a Great Central Sun magnet.


We are calling on each one of you to stand FULLY in your power and put your Avatar Yoga skills of mastery to the test!

Our primary focus this month as been on the building of our solar magnetism through the conscious alignment with our original source of power, the Great Central Sun. We would like to see every member of our Global Family take this to the next level by consciously engaging in the practice of manifesting a particular need or desire... instantaneously! Whatever it is you require to progress on your path, utilize the full power of our Group Body's solar magnetism to precipitate this desire into your life instantly.

The planetary Crystalline Grid is one of the most powerful instruments we can use in the art of manifestation. The crystalline nature of this grid will serve to magnify the power of our divine intention to an exponential degree. Our Group Avatar is here to support your every step of the way as you program the grid with your desire for instantaneous manifestation. The Legions of Light also stand at the ready, waiting to assist us in our grand work of co-creation! Call them into action through your mighty invocation.

Practice makes perfect, so the more we put these skills to the test, the stronger and more actualized they will become. As we invoke the full power and presence of our Group Avatar into every task, we begin to feel a more expanded state of being supported as that which was once difficult becomes effortless.

It is with such gratitude that we continue holding one another in the patterns of the Immaculate Concept... as Solar Masters of Manifestation!


I AM Avatar Yoga

Grounding our Solar Magnetism ~ Suggested Support

In the interest of enhancing and grounding our connection to our original source of power, the Great Central Sun, we graciously offer these two meditations as a means in which to support this divine activity.

1. Developing Concentration for Instant Manifestation
Audio Support

This features an excellent technique for building our concentration in order to manifest our desired visions.

2. Activating our Solar Magnetism
Audio Support

This is our current audio support for February which assist to open our channels to the I AM Presence and Great Central Sun

3. The Gayatri Mantra
Free MP3 Download

The Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful of Sanskrit mantras and is a powerful way to connect to the Sun. Visualize the sun's light streaming forth in love and gratitude over all humanity. While gazing at the sun, allowing it to permeate your entire being, especially your heart, say or sing the following three times:

Om Bhur Buvaha Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayath

You who are the source of all Power
Who's Rays Illuminate the world.
Illuminate also my heart,
So that it too may do your work.

4. Sunrise/Sunset Meditations

PDF download
Inspired by Katrina Raphaell's meditations from "The Crystalline Transmission".

This meditation can assist in grounding the stellar frequencies throughout your energy bodies while serving to deepen your relationship to the Great Central Sun

5. Building the Rainbow Bridge
More information on building your antahkarana and meditations that support this practice.

6. Solarized 'Living' Water
Place a glass jug of water in direct view of the Sun and allow the golden rays to purify and charge your water with this activating life force for at least 5-6 hours. Consciously visualize the solar frequencies filling your every cell with God's Light.

Fundacion Hijos del Sol

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