meditation for stress relief

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meditation for stress relief

Postby anewlife » Thu Mar 08, 2012 1:45 am

Hi everyone,

If you are stressed , depressed, anxious or worried, practice meditation. Meditation is the best technique ever for any stress relief. Any types of medicine for depression and so on are temporary results except meditation. The benefit of meditation lasts forever. All the suffering comes basically from the mind, in this case medicine is useless,because medicine treats only your body not your mind and it's the biggest mistake most people do. Just spend 5-10 minutes. To practice meditation you have to follow the steps which are:
1- sit in a quiet plcae.
2-straighten your spine and close your eyes.
3-take deep and slowly breaths in and out.
4- focus on your breathing.
5- listen to a relax music if you would like.
6-Visualize a nice place like woodland and go in details for that place.
7-Finally, open your eyes.

Believe me , you will find a perfect result.

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