Meditation: 2/2 Gateway Portal Channeling ~ Waves of Bliss ~

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Meditation: 2/2 Gateway Portal Channeling ~ Waves of Bliss ~

Postby EstaLior » Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:00 am

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Dear Ones

Here is the 2/2 Gateway Portal Channeling of Waves of Bliss
download: ... Portal.mp3

Peace & Blessings
Esta Lior

time stamp
0- Introduction: Jim Speaks
5:33-9:44 Grounding Meditation with Amber Life Force Energy
10:25- Centre of Core Crystal with the Group-Entity
11:01- Grid of Light: Great Silent Watcher's Turquoise Blue Light Cocoon of Protection Fearlessness & Divine Power
+ 144,000 Silent Watchers
+ 10,000,000,000 Angelic Watchers
14:01- 7-Pointed Star Above & Below
15:32- Divine Mother Emanating Copper Gold Light
+ Quan Yin
+ 7-Aspects of Goddess of Victory {in the 7 (directions & positions)}
17:33- Energies of Compassion with Quan Yin
Dusty Pink Light Bubble
Vibrant Pink Light Bubble {Universal Life Force Energy}
Fuscia Pink Light Bubble {Vibrant Pink + Signature Energies of Sanat Kumara}
Golden Pink Light Bubble {Compassion mixed with Divine Love}
Amber Light Bubble {Cosmic Life Force Energy}
21:44- Personal Prayer/Request/Intention
22:33-24 Nasrin Speaks
24- Divine Mother Speaks
34:27- Pulsing the Energies of the 5-Layered Bubbles through the Chakras & 5-Body System
44:55- Throne of Divine Mother & The Pool of Creation
Pouring the Energies down to the Throne of I Am that I Am
Pouring further into the 11th, 10th, 9th & 8th Chakras
finally into the bodily Chakras & 5-Body System for Divine Healing
Down the Hara-Line to the Central Core Crystal of Mother Earth
Pulsing through 5-Body System of Mother Earth & further to the Sun & back to the Core Crystal
moving up to the bodily Chakras.. to the Throne of I Am that I Am & back to The Pool of Creation
53:55- Happy Valentine's Day

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