Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama

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Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama

Postby Chris Roubis » Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:11 pm

Rev. Chris Roubis named Chief Little Horn... by my guides.
(main spirit guide) Chief White Eagle, (other guides) Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Oconostota, Chief Eagle Eyes, Chief Eagle Tomahawk. Chief White Tail. Chief White Feather and more. It takes a paradigm shift to envision, and thus create a world without rulers. Our nature is sovereign (we are born free) and so, obviously, God wants us to be liberated from earthly rulers.

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Re: Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama

Postby jazz » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:55 am

Greetings Golden Light Eagle :ymhug:

I have only just seen your dream I wish I had seen it earlier...I felt your energy and wisdom and it is amazing thankyou for sharing your dream with us..
I have had like most of us a Native American Indian past life, and what today is missing is that way of life of how simple we can live in peace and harmony with nature and each other until greed and power come in to overtake and destroy it all.
It will take many life times before we live in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.
Native American Indians should be world leaders the world would be such a better place to live in.

He needed to connect with your energy and wisdom of all your ancestors to remind him of his spiritual purpose here as a leader and as a spiritual being having a human experience here on this Earth Plane.
I feel when he was in the white room which represents "Purity" ...he was lost and speechless and couldn't connect to you as mentally he has been programmed to what others expect of him to say and listen to that is why you kept asking him what is wrong with you are you alright.
He knew in his soul that he cant rule to his spiritual beliefs that are pure in a material world that is controlled by greed and power and this is why he felt lost and was speechless surrounded by all that purity.
When it was time to leave and he was asked to give a speech of your meeting he said what he knew would be expected of him from those who are in a higher power.
His soul needs healing and his mind needs calming much haunts him with all the horrors of this world today and he knows more can be done and should be done to help those in need of being able to live a safer, happier, healthier more loving less threatened life here on this earth plane he knows that many go without food, proper care, and the quality of life.
He has seen that money overtakes the value of life and those who need and are entitled to have a better quality of life but are ignored if there is no profit in helping those in need..
He knows a lot of things are wrong and go against his every belief of what is good and should be done differently.

I feel he is very spiritual and it burdens him to carry much of what he knows he cannot put right I feel he hasn't agreed with certain decisions he was told to make that go against all his beliefs as to what he knows is right and what is wrong he see's the ways of how things are done and carried out that he disagrees with but are out of his control as money and power will rule over what is justice and what isn't.

He wanted so much just to be himself with you and take with him all your wisdom I feel deep down he wants to be free of all the responsibility that is put onto him and that he took on because it gets too much for him I feel he doesn't always show his true feelings and how things weigh him down in his world he wants so much to live much in your world and your peoples world of nature connecting to Mother Earth the true and simple way of life your people have lived for many many moons..
His only freedom from this black and white in his life and how he is now living are his family just spending time and walking in nature with his family and pets give him the colours of real life not just black and white he lives with his role of being the president of America.
He longs for the simple life living to his truth and beliefs he is a very spiritual man but feels a lot of his spirituality is being buried under layers of negative energy coming from all the horrors of this world he has seen and all the decisions he has to make that cant be his own decisions fully to how he would like things to be he feels he is involved more in a business and not a leadership role he once valued and wanted so much to change things for the better he is burdened because of this.

Chief Golden Light Eagle you had such a very powerful dream and also I feel it was to show you your people had the same treatment from white people and it saddens me to know how your people and all native American Indians suffered under white people....

I hope one day he will meet you and can spend time with you to be himself with you because you will help him to understand many things that were worrying him a troubling his soul while he was president, your energy, calmness, and healing gifts will do so much for his physical and spiritual being and soul...
Don't be surprised if you dream he hears of you and wants to see you spirit bring the people we need to help into our lives if it is meant to be... :)


I see gifts of cloud reading messages ( (seeing faces, animals, and events that predict things to you)..(I had the same gift as a native American Indian I was of Cheyenne in a past life I used to tell my elders as a child what I saw ) I see eagle flight how they fly, turn, and land bring you messages and dreams from your great ancestors of your past I also see bear strength as there is a bear standing behind you for protection..

Many blessings to you...
jazz. :ymhug:
I continue to do free of charge, a one question reading. For a more detailed paid reading you can, Send Private Message by clicking on my name.
Blessings jazz :)

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