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Spiritual Guidance Readings Jazz

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:32 pm
by jazz
I am offering a genuine service to those who wish to have a reading.
A spiritual Medium Reading (messages from a loved one in the Spirit World.....$50

A Guidance Reading.....$50.
I keep my reading fee at a low cost so all can afford a reading.

I put a lot of my time and energy into all readings I work through my Spirit Guides who bring through all the right kind of Help and Guidance they know you need with the problems, worries or emotional issues you have at the time of needing their help, wisdom, compassion,and futuristic insights to offer hope where some souls feel their is none.
I work to the best of my ability using my gifts with my Spirit Guides who do all the work and have all the knowledge of life and where souls need guidance the most in their lives.

You can contact me through private message for further details of payment.
I ask for a persons full name and date of birth all information is private and confidential.

I have to state that readings are for entertainment purpose only.

Blessings jazz.