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Friend attempted suicide

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 8:13 pm
Hi my name is Tara and I have a friend named Katrina Mann dob 5th April 1979 who tried to commit suicide today. I'm driving four hours to see her in hospital tomorrow does anyone have any special uplifting messages from spirit I can pass onto her? Thank you very much xxx

Re: Friend attempted suicide

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:18 am
by jazz
Hi Tara,
I am very sorry that Katrina thought that suicide is the only answer when we are over whelmed emotionally or don't see any hope or light at the end of the tunnel.
There is always a core of a problem that makes us feel that way about ourselves or our lives that we would be better off not being here.
Not all suicides work on the Earth Plane, Katrina was meant to be here for her true purpose regardless of what she is going through now her time here on this Earth Plane has to be lived and experienced.
Our true purpose finds us we don't have to go looking for it life brings to us how we are meant to be, how we are meant to be living, and shows us the true purpose of living and everything we chose to do for ourselves and others before we came here to this Earth Plane.

A suicide attempt is a cry for help, and Katrina needs a lot of comforting, reassuring, love, understanding and professional counselling to help her through this experience and to help her unlock all that is troubling her but also blocking all the positive experiences that is waiting up ahead for her now and the future.
I feel this experience will have a profound effect on Katrina because it was needed for her to see that life is for living and regardless of what we experience we are always loved, guided and looked after we need to have faith in life and ourselves we all have challenges to face here on this Earth Plane we have good and bad experiences as part of our learning here and although at times it all seems too much for us, spirit never give us more than what we can deal with we are stronger than we believe we just have to dig down deeper to find that strength we are all born with enough strength to get us through life.
The suicides that do work and will take a persons life are to show them what grief and heart break they leave behind with their loved ones and friends, it also shows them there was always help for them if they had reached out and not let their hopelessness of life over take everything to the point of not wanting to be here anymore because life was just too hard to live for them.
The soul who suicides that has chosen to leave by suicide chose to be here only for a certain amount of time when they pass over into the Astral Plane they need a lot of healing as suicide souls do not know they have passed over, it is only when the healing has taken place they see and feel all the grief and sadness they have left behind not to mention the guilt of others who felt they could have done more or didn't see the signs it is then they regret how they left and are shown how the rest of their lives could have been if they had reached out for help they ask for forgiveness more than anything when they see all the traumatic damage suicide causes loved ones and friends that are left behind wondering what they could have done to help or to save that soul.
When a soul leaves this Earth Plane by suicide they will never have that experience again in another life, we experience many ways of leaving this Earth Plane illness, accidents, murder, drowning, etc once we have experienced that way of leaving we will not have to go through that again.

Katrina my darling you have more to live for than what you can see now, but you will see it and realise that we all have hurts, disappointments, sadness, grief and many challenges to face here on this Earth Plane, but you shall also see that life brings to us Joy, Happiness, Love, wonderful times in life, and some fantastic experiences physically and spiritually you have a lot of love around you and Angels have been with you through your ordeal.
Life has a lot to offer you allow yourself to see all the beauty in the World we are always better off than some souls who have nothing at all to speak of give gratitude for your life you came here for a special purpose live it to the fullest because you have so much to look forward to that you may not see now but you will you are most deserving of all the good things in life now is just now it isn't the future.
I have been where you have been many times in my life and suicide failed me because I was meant to be here regardless of the pain every day for 29 years I feel through losing my beautiful son at 19 years of age I just didn't know how to cope with life without him and I struggled through life taking medication and trying to take myself out with medication each time I felt myself sink into a black hole spirit lifted me up and threw me back into the world to face what I had to face except it and get on with life.
My purpose found me through losing my son, and that was to help others through grief and pain when they lose a child or a loved one in the family, you cannot help another in pain if you haven't felt or experienced that kind of pain your self I don't how I got through but I did I am now 70 years of age I have beautiful grown grandchildren and 4 and a half Great Grandchildren I miss my son every day but he is with me as my spiritual helper I feel his love and presence when I am helping a soul in pain it is not the same as having him walk through the door giving me a big hug and kiss saying luv ya Mum but until I leave this Earth Plane I have to except that is the way it has to be for me until we met again in the Spirit World and be together again for ever..

I have drawn a card from my new Angel Feather Oracle deck they are beautiful cards I love them I hope this helps you love in some way...

Restored Health and Healing....Emerald Green Feather....(the colour of healing)
The Healing Angels have heard your prayers for improved health. They send healing rays of green light that will assist you or a loved one to heal physical and mental conditions...

The Emerald Green Angel feather is presented to you as a symbol of "health and healing" Archangel Raphael and his band of healing Angels are present in your life at this moment in time.
They are imparting a magnificent healing force that assists the body to detoxify, strengthen, balance and harmonise. If the condition involves physical pain, the Angels ask that utilise some visualisation techniques.
In your minds eye (third eye) see the colour, appearance or describe in words the nature of the pain. Now change the imagery, for example if the colour of the pain is red or orange, then change the colour to blue or green.
If the sensation is blue or black then change to red or orange by simply changing the imagery one can gain control over the pain. Finally hand over the pain...Finally hand over the image to the Angels to transform.
The Angels are also concerned for those experiencing stress and anxiety.. Carefully notice signs given to you from the Angels...You may be guided to a medical practitioner , natural therapist, a meditation class or to a healing crystal. You may also be guided towards walking, breathing exercises, to rest or sleep more or to make a dietary changes...Total well being is the combination of a healthy mind, body and spirit..


Other symbols of the Emerald Green Angel Feather.

Please keep or wear a piece of Rose Quartz it opens up a hurt or broken heart to love and to love again and to receive love..
Bach Flower Rescue remedy or Emergency essence is a natural form or help to calm you can buy it in a spray, cream, drops, and pastilles . I found it very good for my anxiety and nerves..
Love yourself, forgive yourself for not wanting to be here, forgive anyone who has hurt you in the past or recent forgiveness helps us release negative energies we carry from the past or recent and allows new positive energy into our lives..
Ask forgiveness from any one you have hurt forgiveness is a powerful emotion to use it sets us free from what baggage we no longer need to carry...

I hope that has helped you Katrina in some way please let me know how you get on I am sending you lots of love, healing and prayers you will be fine make this a fresh start now in your life you do have so much to live for have faith in the process of life and all the help we have around us that we can see and what works behind the curtain for us from Spirit, God, Our Angels, our Spirit Guides, and our loved ones in spirit .
Just trust that we are all loved, guided and shown the way throughout our journey here on this Earth Plane...

Blessings Jazz.

Re: Friend attempted suicide

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:09 pm
Hi Jazz it's Tara. A massive thank you for your response. I showed Katrina today and she was really moved and responsive and I think you have her hope and a lot to consider. We were sorry to hear of your loss and journey. You are truly a beautiful Angel on the earth plane and I can't thank you enough. I will keep you updated or I might see if Katrina wants to join the site herself and keep in touch. Much love and gratitude to you xxxx

Re: Friend attempted suicide

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 7:17 am
by jazz
Hi Tara,
I am so glad Katrina is alright and she will get past this bless her our journey on this Earth Plane can be tough at times and we all fall in a heap with certain issues we at the time think we cannot handle but most of us do we find that extra bit of courage and hope and carry on..
Yes please keep in touch I am here if any more help is needed for Katrina.
Bless you love for looking and caring for your friend..
Love to you both

Re: Friend attempted suicide

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 1:30 am
by Chris Roubis
Bless you Jazz ^:)^

When people commit suicide is usually a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes them to feel a loss of hope and the need to end it.

I hope Katrina gets the psychological care and medication that she needs in her time of need.