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Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:32 am
by Alfie116
My partner and I have lived seperately for 4 months now. She has totally cut of communications with me. I have been told to move on, however, I find myself loving and missing her more. I wonder if she is feeling the same and if so there is a chance we might reconcile and restore our love and relationship. Please I need your phsuchic insight on this. Thanks.


Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:22 pm
by jazz
Alfie what will be will be between you and your ex partner.
We don't read minds we do not know what your ex partner is thinking and we do not know the full situation of why you two separated in the first place that is your business and is between the two of you.

If a wrong has been done in a r/ship it will either work itself out in time so that couple can build a new trust with each other and start a fresh new r/ship then that is how it will be..... if two people have come as far as the r/ship has meant to be then it is ended and those two people move on with their lives to see what the future holds for them.

You can love and miss a person for as long as you want to, but that feeling isn't always going to come back to you if that person wants a new life without you in it.
You do need to except what is now with the both of you and just get on with your life time shows to us whether or not a person is meant to come back into our lives or not depending on the situation of the break up some will forgive a partner for any wrong, some do not choose to come back to a partner if they have been the victim of physical abuse of any kind, and cheating on a partner is also forgiven or not forgiven, what ever will be with two people who have problems in a marriage or r/ship will be there is no magic wand to wave over two people and put things right both have a free will and choice to use to decide what is best for them and for their highest of good.
There is always a reason why two people part ways and only the both of you know why you are not together now.
We need to allow ourselves to except, grieve, heal, and move on from a r/ship that has come as far as it is meant to.
There is a learning lesson here for the both of you as karmic learning lesson r/ships teach us lessons about ourselves, and another who we choose to bring into our life as a potential partner when the lesson ends and both cannot learn any more from each other and there are greater problems than just the normal upsets that every couple have then the r/ship will go no further it ends between those two people, we learn from valuable and sometimes very difficult or painful lessons how we want to be for ourselves and what we do and don't want in a r/ship we learn a lot from being with a person and in that time we spend with a person we soon find out if we are suited to one and another or not some break ups can be put right and some just are not meant to be any more....
A soul mate love lasts because there is trust and a love between those two souls that is meant to be, we go through life times here putting wrongs right in r/ships , so when two meet as soul mates they have put all their karmic learning lessons right in previous life times together as different people so they fall into a soul mate r/ship on that level of love when two soul mates meet it is their energies that attract each other and it is a knowing between those two people that they are soul mates.



Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:57 am
by Alfie116
Thanks alot Jazz. Easter Greetings


Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:11 pm
by Chris Roubis
^:)^ well said Jazz