Love Timing + Partner

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Love Timing + Partner

Postby Whirlgirl83 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:36 am

Really wanting to know when I will find love and what kind of a man he will be. Will we stay together?

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Re: Love Timing + Partner

Postby jazz » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:38 pm

Only time will show to you what you need answered everything that happens in our lives happens to Divine Timing not before.
The kind of man he will be will be the kind of man you choose we are totally responsible for who we bring into our lives as a potential partner, lover, love, friend, romance.
We have time here on this Earth Plane, Divine timing works to our Earth Plane time so everything that is meant to be in our lives comes in when the time is right for us not before as there is no time in the Spirit World where my help comes from when I am doing a reading for a client who asks when, who, where will I meet a man/woman I always tell the same, events, and experiences that we all are meant to have for our learning and growth here, all take place according to and when the Earth Plane timing is right for us , I use dowsing as a tool to give a rough timing but it is not 100% accurate as what is meant to be where and when and who is all up to when we are ready to receive that experience.

We have karmic learning lesson r/ships and soul mate r/ships and there is a difference and if we choose to learn from our Karmic Learning Lesson r/ships we are able to tell the difference because it is a feeling, an emotion we feel in our soul when we know we have met the right one on that soul level as a Soul Mate r/ship is based on Trust without trust in any r/ship it will crumble and fall apart Love and Trust go hand in hand.
For some of us who don't meet up with their soul mate without first having to have Karmic Learning lessons in love and r/ships we will have disappointments, hurt, anger, regrets and many other emotions but they are all part of learning about ourselves our strengths, our weaknesses, our good points, our bad points, our faults, our insecurities, our self worth and self love all these emotions will teach us about our true selves and what is right or wrong for us and where we go wrong in r/ships as we all have faults...
The Universe brings in what ever lessons we have chosen to learn in r/ships for our growth and for the growth of our soul.
Karmic learning lesson r/ships will come as far as they are meant to for what ever reason when that happens we need to take all the wisdom and learning from that experience we chose to have and use it for future meetings of who ever is meant to come into our lives again for another learning lesson or to met a Soul Mate....
We chose to have what ever experience does come into our lives in the way of r/ships and that is because we have needed to learn more about the reality and truth of ourselves, of others, and the true meaning of r/ships, love and trust.

Soul mates stay together on a soul level of love and trust.....Karmic learning lessons are there for us to learn and grow from.
We attract a Karmic learning lesson and the person who we are meant to learn is only when we have learned all our karmic learning lesson r/ships that we are ready to receive the right kind of love it is meant to be for us in our chosen destiny on that soul level.
The Universe sets up that meeting when they know we are ready to receive the right love on that Soul Level according to our chosen destiny....

A Please or Thankyou is always appreciated when asking for any advice or guidance and although this isn't a reading it is wisdom from the learning of life I have had to experience to pass on the information I have to you to explain how life is in reality it helps people to understand that spiritual workers such as myself do not have the answers to everything we are asked simply because we are not meant to know everything about another's life or every thing that is meant to happen in their lives your life here is for you to live not for us to give, My spirit guides, Angels, and I know in Divine Timing a soul will have in their lives what is meant to be for their learning and growth here on this Earth Plane.
That is the reality of life, it doesn't matter how many psychics a person wants to ask about r/ships Time and life will always show to you what is meant to be and what isn't meant to be when you choose a person to come into your life as a Karmic Learning lesson then you and that person will have to live through the necessary experience you have both chosen to learn from .
Your Soul feelings are our truth we can ignore what we are really feeling that is the truth, or we can learn to trust what spirit is allowing us to feel as the truth so we know and trust what is the truth with us with a person and what isn't.
But also we need to be responsible for the choices we make in choosing a person to come into our lives the lesson begins as soon as we except that person on a intimate level.
Some souls will learn from their experiences and some will choose not to learn or admit they have faults and blame others that come into their lives as being the ones to be at fault and the reason for the r/ship not lasting..
We have many learning lessons on this Earth Plane all for the purpose of our Growth and for the Growth of our soul.
Life is our greatest teacher if we allow it to be.

I continue to do free of charge, a one question reading. For a more detailed paid reading you can, Send Private Message by clicking on my name.
Blessings jazz :)

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Rev. Chris Roubis
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Re: Love Timing + Partner

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:51 pm

well said Jazz.


You will go through many relationships, in order to develop yourself spiritually and experience life.
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