Next six months

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Next six months

Postby libra » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:43 pm

Hi Jazz, happy new year to you! Hope you had a beautiful time with your loved ones.

I was just wondering what s in store for the near future? I was hoping for some things to happen last year which unfortunately were not meant to happen so I'm hoping this year will buying along the perfect devine moment. What s your view on this? My dob is 29/09/83.

Thank you, many blessings.

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Re: Next six months

Postby jazz » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:20 pm

Hi Libra,
Thankyou I did have a lovely Christmas with my loved ones New year is always quiet for me its not a big deal for me at my time of life I have partied to many new years in my younger days lol.

As posted I do have to start charging for my time like everyone else I do not live for free and as you can appreciate a Pension does not leave me much manage on once rent, food and bills are taken out and it costs me to keep my lap top recharged each month so I can help people same with my phone I do not have the luxury of a partner to help me financially I take care of myself in every way and it is a struggle at times .
I keep my reading fee way below what a lot of readers charge I am at least $150 to $200 cheaper than what some readers can charge for their services stating they have the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing abilities and Medium ship all of which I have but because I haven't been on TV or a celebrity I get over looked I work behind the scenes not wanting or seeking fame or for the purpose of just making money out of my gifts I care about people and their pain I have had to experience a lot of that myself to be able to offer the kind of help that comes from spirit.
I offer a genuine reading and I have worked hard over the years to earn a good name as a genuine reader.

I don't put time to my readings or predict what I cant for the near future as what ever is meant to be in our lives comes in for us in Divine Timing and not before.
My readings are more about giving guidance where problems or worry are with people and my medium ship gifts are there to help those with grief with a loss of a loved one.
My guides give me what they know a person needs to help them the most, with what they are going through at that time I am given little future insights to offer hope for those who have lost faith or have lost any hope that the future is going to be better for them the rest is up to them.
An Astrology reading may tell you more of what to expect, to be aware of, and what to look out for as a good Astrologer can read your birth chart like a blue print of your life but I would say you would have to pay for a chart to be done for you as they put a lot of detail into a chart if they are the real deal.

Blessings jazz.
I continue to do free of charge, a one question reading. For a more detailed paid reading you can, Send Private Message by clicking on my name.
Blessings jazz :)

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