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Wanting advice

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 am
by libra
Hi Jazz,

Hope you re going well. Just want your advice please... I had a bit of a sad episode last July and even though some days I feel that Im over it, I have days when I feel so exhausted and tired, anxious and sad. It is like my energy around me has changed. I have been very content with myself for a long time now after making peace with what happened after a sudden passing of my dear friend but this episode triggered those emotions again and I kind of feel like stuck. I have been going for healing but not sure whether I should continue with it. Thank you, many blessings.

Re: Wanting advice

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:21 pm
by jazz
Hi Libra,
I am well thankyou.
Grief is a very personal emotional time for us, we go through many stages of emotions feeling sad, lost, tired, not knowing how we feel at times but just know we aren't right within ourselves to get on with life in the way we would like to.
You cannot put a time to grief as we all handle our emotions and feelings differently and in our own time.
There are always going to be certain songs we hear, memories we have of our loved one, special times we shared with a loved one, and the passing date of a loved one, that bring on that inner sadness to us and that is a natural part of grieving.

When our grieving becomes lighter and mine became lighter knowing that I would see my loved ones again when it is my time to leave this Earth Plane, we can then let in some lighter feeling when we think of them with love and happiness instead of so much sadness, that is what helps us to heal remembering all the special times, and lovely memories we did have and share with that person hold and them dear in our hearts still missing them very much but knowing they are happy, safe, healthy and in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine.
Please trust in your heart that our loved ones never leave us, they know what we go through with our grief and they miss us too, but they can be with us and around us with their love and presence and when grief with us becomes lighter we will feel their presence even see them or receive a loving message from them.

Our loved ones will come to us in our dreams and comfort us if our energy is too heavy with grief when we are awake, in our more gentle relaxed state of mind and body our loved ones can be with us as our energy is lighter, I have woken with tears on my pillow when I have been with my son saying goodbye to him when it was time for me to leave him and it is hard because we never want to leave our loved ones and that is why we wake up saying I felt as if I was really with the loved one who passed because we were we astral travel at night and can be with our loved ones where our energy is lighter and can be as one with our loved one.
Our healing within and our grief within becomes lighter when we can send love, thoughts of love and talk to a loved one, they listen they are not a million miles away they are right beside us they love us to talk to them and they will respond in their own way you may notice a blue flash of light in the room with you as I have a lot in my house it is my loved ones letting me know I am thinking of them with love not sadness because they are fine and they tried hard to let us know they are happy where they are with all their loved ones, to get your attention to let you know they know when you are thinking of them and they are still around you they may move things in the house, brighten or darken lights, small items may be knocked over, you may feel a warmth around you, they may touch you gently (as I have felt) or just feel their presence very strongly as if they were standing right with you our loved ones really do try hard to let us know they are with us.

If we focus on sadness for too long, that is the energy we will create for ourselves and stay in, too much of that low energy will make us feel ill, tired, run down, depressed and stuck.
The best healing for us is what we do for our loved ones that have passed and that is to let them know we love them, we miss them, and wish they were here with us, but we understand it was their time to leave and we are happy that they are safe, well, and they are with all their loved ones living on in spirit (as we all do) in the most beautiful place you could ever want to be with God and the Angels his spirit world is amazingly beautiful full of love, warm sunny gardens and magnificent coloured flowers, beaches, beautiful music,animals,(we see our pets again) peace, calm, no illness or worry is there, that all disappears when we pass from this Earth plane so no more suffering just great joy and tears of happiness when we see our loved ones again...
I always say to my Mum, Dad, my son and relatives God bless and God speed that helps them to get on with their spirit life in heaven or the spirit world as you wish to call it.
We all heal in our own way my healing from my grief is helping others my son is my spiritual helper i feel his presence when i ask for his help so i am blessed to still have him close to me i talk to him and i know he is there with his love for me O:-) and that's what keeps me going.
I hope that has helped in some way. :ymhug:
Blessings jazz.

Re: Wanting advice

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:23 pm
by libra
Hi Jazz,

Thank you very much for your advice and apologies for getting back to you so late, I was having trouble logging in. Anyway, I was talking about a miscarriage which brought back sadness and emotions which I haven't had since the day I lost a very dear friend. But like they say everything happens for a reason and I believe that it was a divine message to make a change and look after myself. Since then I'm trying really hard to make the necessary health and lifestyle changes which I think I was putting off for quite a while. I have also come across some useful information through this forum page which I found very helpful regarding preparing your body for pregnancy :-)

Thank you Jazz, what's your feeling about this? do you think good things are yet to come my way ;-) Many blessings xxx

Re: Wanting advice

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:34 pm
by jazz
Hi Libra,
I am glad you have found some helpful information regarding preparing your body for pregnancy.
Our mind, body and soul need to be working together to bring in that inner harmony, peace, balance and calm.
Getting the right amount of sleep, eating healthy, drinking healthy, being around the ocean or nature helps us tap into our higher self for guidance and insights I am so blessed to be renting where I am to be able to look out from the balcony to see the ocean and hear the waves crashing during the day and night I have seen whales from where I am and that was amazing it is so good for my inner peace to be able to wake up and see that wonderful ocean every day I haven't had that kind of inner peace and blessing for many years.
Life brings to us what we are meant to have and God gives to us the children we are meant to have for their purpose here as an individual on this Earth Plane each and every one of us has a destiny of being here for the growth of our physical self and for the growth of our soul.
Each life time we have here on this Earth plane is to learn and grow from.
When we make better changes for ourselves that we know we need to make we open ourselves up to receiving a better kind of energies that bring us to a more positive outcome.
I am being told you are opening up more to your spiritual gifts and much needed change of life to how you have been living.
You do need to give yourself more self confidence that you are doing something right as I feel you doubt a lot as to "am I doing the right thing" you maybe have now walked away from a situation or person that has been draining you and your health and affecting your happiness.
A barrier will be brought down that has been a frustration or challenge to you easing your burden. there is a move, buying or selling around you also air, land, or sea travel for a break away but also maybe travel to do with work in some way. I am dowsing for you to see what Earth Plane time will bring in any significant changes as in the spirit world there is no time I do not take dowsing as 100% accurate but it is the nearest way I can bring in earth plane time to any event that is in the future I have found that some questions that have been asked with dowsing have been pretty well on the dot but I don't put my word to it as things can change that are out of our control.
The next 3 years will bring in some significant changes so please write down any changes that mean something to you that are important to you.
I do feel good things are coming your way as you will feel yourself you are in a new kind of energy of course life is a balance of positive and negative but it is nice when something special happens that you are hoping for.
ps. a message from spirit get rid of that head stuff that gives you doubt and stress that you don't need???
Many blessings