Love life reading please

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Love life reading please

Postby tryssie » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:08 am

Hi there

My name is Tryster born 26th March 1988. I have had a lot of heart ache and many failed relationships, what does my love life hold for me in the future?

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Re: Love life reading please

Postby jazz » Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:51 pm

Hi Tryssie,
You have been experiencing Karmic learning lesson r/ships and are yet to meet your soul mate on that soul level of love according to what is in your chosen destiny.
R/ships come into our lives for a reason and we choose who we bring into our lives for the lessons we need to learn from that experience/experiences.
R/ships show us what we need to do for ourselves that another can not eg. if we are insecure about ourselves, not confident, not happy within, have no self worth, no self esteem, feel as if we are going to never meet the right one or be left out we will hook onto the first person who makes us feel better about ourselves believing that person is the one for us only to find they have the same hang ups as us or are a person that doesn't have our hang ups and cant deal with our problems that only we can deal with.

When we finally learn what r/ships try to teach us about ourselves we know what we want in our lives in the way of a partner and love,over what we don't want and by giving to ourselves what others cannot give us and that is finding our own happiness within, being confident about ourselves, giving ourselves more self worth, loving our selves, looking to what qualities we have, excepting ourselves as we are, knowing from the past experiences what we have needed to do for ourselves we can then be open to receiving a soul mate on that level of love.
Diving Timing brings to all of us what we are meant to have in our lives not just r/ships.
Don't worry about who, where and when everything happens to divine timing.
I did some dowsing for you which I do not take as being 100% accurate for Earth plane time of a new meeting for you whether this person will be your soul mate or not I don't not know it depends if you are learning from your past r/ships to give yourself all that you need in the way of self inner happiness, confidence and self worth these are powerful energies we can have that will set us free from keep repeating over and over what we need to put right that we are doing wrong
The year 2017 came up for you so please go over your past r/ships and ask your self some questions about how you felt in each past r/ship s how you honestly felt within your soul truth about why you chose to bring each person into your life as a potential partner the answers will give you a lot of enlightenment (they did for me in all mine) and by being completely honest a lot of things will make sense to you as to why they never went the distance.
You are going to be fine and be happy be patient and know our lives are all planned out for us anyway as to what we are meant to have in our lives just enjoy life without worrying about when you will meet the right one it will all happen for you in Divine timing.

Hope that has helped.
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Blessings jazz :)

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Re: Love life reading please

Postby Rev. Chris Roubis » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:10 pm

Your life holds the same, until you learn to start working on yourself.
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