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Postby matthew76 » Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:00 am

Hi Chris,

I've been working in the sales industry for around 5 years now and I've realised that it isn't the industry for me. I know deep down that I need to do something creative, but I don't know what that is. I don't know what I should do, I have a small child and my partner doesn't work and I'm not in the position to study or change to a lesser paying job. What can I do? How do I find out what my purpose is in life and how do I follow it?

Many thanks!

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Chris Roubis
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Re: Career

Postby Chris Roubis » Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:54 pm

Find a demand in your area and supply it.

e.t.c. Lots of elderly folk that would like people to do their shopping for them.
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Sir Laughs-A-Lot
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Re: Career

Postby Sir Laughs-A-Lot » Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:28 am

Chris (And Mathew),

I wanted to add something, from a very old (but still very valid) book by one meta-physician (as self described back in that time) Florence Scovel Shinn back in 1925 in London, called "The Game Of Life & How To Play It".
No wind can drive my bark astray, nor change the tide of destiny.
There is for each man perfect self expression. There is a place which he is to fill, and no one else can fill; something which he is to do which no one else can do; it is his destiny!.

This achievement is held, a perfect idea in Divine mind, awaiting mans recognition, As the imaging faculty is the creative faculty, it is necessary for man to "see" the idea in his minds eye - before it can manifest on the material plane.

So, mans highest demand is for the divine design of his life.

He may not have the faintest conception of what it is, for there is, possibly, some marvelous talent hidden deep within him.

His demand should be: "Infinite Spirit, open the way for the divine design of my life to manifest; let the genius within me now be released; let me see clearly the perfect plan".

(This should be spoken aloud - our subconscious mind is programed to manifest on the material plane, what it HEARS thru our ears, that comes OUT of our own mouths - we are in effect our own worst enemy with negative pronouncements and doubt expressed aloud).

Speak ONLY what you wish to manifest in your life! Speak of positive things and success and that is what you will reap.

The "Perfect plan" includes health, wealth, love & perfect self expression. This is the "square of life" which brings perfect happiness. When one has made this demand (repeated affirmations issued audibly or a prayer spoken aloud repeatedly each day if you prefer), he may find great changes taking place in his life for nearly every man has wandered far from the divine design.

Perfect self expression will never be a labor but of such absorbing interest that it will seem almost like play.

The student knows also as man comes into the world financed by God, the supply needed for his perfect self expression, will be at hand.

Many a genius has struggled for years with the problem of supply, when his spoken word and faith would have quickly released the necessary funds.

Demand definite "leads" and the way will be made easy and successful.

One should not visualise or force a mental picture.

When he demands the divine design to come into his conscious mind, he will receive flashes of inspiration, and begin to see himself make making some great accomplishment. THIS is the picture or idea he must hold without wavering.

The thing man seeks is seeking him, the telephone was seeking Bell!

Gods will be done, not Man's this is the command we find running thru all the scriptures, and the bible is a book dealing with the science of the mind. It is a book telling man how to release his soul (or subconscious mind) from bondage.

The battles described are pictures of man waging war against mortal thoughts. "A mans foes shall be those of his own family". Every man is a Jehoshaphat, and every man is David, who slays Goliath (mortal thinking) with the little white stone (faith).

So man must be careful that he is not the wicked and sloth-full servant who buries his talent. There is a terrible penalty to be paid for not using ones ability.

Often fear stands between man and his perfect self expression. Stage fright has hampered many a genius.

Try to remember that, miracles do occur, even today BUT, here's the "trick" or condition, they REQUIRE OF MAN, ACTIVE FAITH.

God promised to send to the Israelites when they were dying of thirst in the desert some rain, BUT he required of them first, that they should "dig some ditches" to catch that water he was to send. They did and he sent what was asked for and promised.

The promise was to send the rain when asked - the "active faith" required was to have "dug the ditches" to have caught the rain or there would have been no point sending it.

God works his miracles THRU MANKIND, but it requires of us active faith, that we ACT upon our inspiration, that we "dig our ditches" as it were.

Jesus did this when he raised Lazarus from the grave...he prayed aloud to God to raise Lazarus so that the people gathered there, might believe in him as the son of God!

Can you imagine the right dill he would have looked like in front of everyone to make such a prayer out loud - IF Lazarus hadn't been raised?

Christs "active faith" (ditch digging) was to make his prayer aloud so everyone could hear, and God answered his prayer and performed a miracle BECAUSE Jesus had dug his ditches, he had displayed his active faith to allow the miracle to occur.

Had Jesus not done anything, in the way of digging his metaphoric ditch by making his audible prayer and God Raised Lazarus anyway via a miracle, people there might well have said - "ohh he didn't really die he was just unconscious for 3 days and he woke up of his own accord!".

It was the fact that Jesus spoke to the Lord out loud and asked for the life of Lazarus back - that his prayer for a miracle was answered.

Jesus to this day makes us that exact same exact promise.

"What two or more of you who gather in my name to pray, ask for, I will intercede with my father to seek on your behalf".

This shows active faith - you ASK for what you need ALOUD and in front of other witnesses, and give thanks that ye have already received, (because God knows our needs in advance and has made more than adequate provision for those needs, thus we should give thanks aloud that we have already received and believe that we have - praising the lords name).

This is active faith - the granting of the prayer is the miracle. One does not come without the other.

One MUST learn to dig ones ditches if one wishes God to perform miracles on our behalf asked in Jesus name because Jesus is our Paschal lamb or sacrificial lamb - he alone is our high priest who can enter in to the lords presence and ask for our needs.

Be sure not to confuse wants with needs, what you WANT in material terms may NOT be what you NEED for the divine design to manifest in your life. When you ask (pray aloud in front of witnesses) for the divine design for your life to manifest, in the square of life; perfect self expression, health, wealth, and happiness, and give thanks that you have already received - one should expect great changes (miracles) in ones life to occur.

For those miracles to occur however - one MUST demonstrate active faith - one must act upon the divine inspiration one receives (or dig ones ditches).

I would strongly suggest you try to find a copy online maybe or at old second hand bookstores of the book mentioned 'The Game Of Life & How To Play It', by Florence Scovel Shin printed in Great Britain by Lowe & Brydone in 1925, isbn 8524 3069 8 for anyone struggling to find their destiny in life.

She did write two other great sequels that might also be of help:-

Your Word is Your Wand
Secret Door to Success

are also worthwhile additions to ones library IMHO.

Good luck and may god bless you - one who seeks ones divine design for life - embarks upon a very worthwhile and the longest, of journeys, which begins with the very first step.

Congratulations on taking that very first step.

Now demonstrate active faith (dig your ditches) by finding the books mentioned and studying them assiduously and put into practice the fundamentals of "The Game of Life & How to Play It".

Give thanks for the miracle, that God in his infinite wisdom has already brought you, the answer you seek.


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Chris Roubis
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Re: Career

Postby Chris Roubis » Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:34 pm

agreed SLAL.

We are Co Creators. Create your own life, you have the power.
Rev. Chris Roubis named Chief Little Horn... by my guides.
(main spirit guide) Chief White Eagle, (other guides) Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Oconostota, Chief Eagle Eyes, Chief Eagle Tomahawk. Chief White Tail. Chief White Feather and more.

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