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Career reading

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 5:53 pm
by Tess
Hi I am looking for some guidance regarding employment please. I have been looking for the past 5 weeks and still nothing wanting to know if possible a time frame.

Thank you

Re: Career reading

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 9:36 pm
by jazz
Hi Tess,
I cant give you a time frame its a bit like asking when am I going to get a toothache.
It depends to on what kind of job you are chasing as some will only go after what they want to do and refuse other work to bring in a weekly wage.

I do see new opportunities coming your way soon as one door closes another opens something out of the blue will come for you a blessing in disguise.
I do dowsing to get a rough earth plane time but I don't take it as being completely accurate as everything happens here to divine timing and not when we want things to happen.
My dowsing went to in the coming weeks so june july maybe ?so good luck with employment.
All things happen in their own time that are meant for us.

blessings jazz.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 3:49 pm
by Tess
Thank you very much for answering me.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 4:24 pm
by jazz
You are welcome Tess I wish you all the very best with new employment you have new adventures and exciting new experiences waiting up ahead for you so be all that you can be and enjoy life to the fullest.
I am being told to tell you this by spirit don't let others push you around or steal and keep any good idea's to yourself until you know who you can trust who will want to see you be a success and not for their own gain.
Blessings jazz. %%- %%-

Re: Career reading

Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 7:04 pm
by Tess
Hi Jazz once again thank you I wish I had found this site earlier. I keep getting emails from so called psychics warning me of someone trying to harm me and blocking me. Can you please tell me if this so called person who I can't trust is either male or female and is it and old work colleague or a friend.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 1:12 am
by jazz
Hi Tess,
Are these psychics ones you have contacted for a free reading?
Genuine spiritual workers do not and I mean do not send emails to scare you in believing there is someone out there to harm you and by paying them they can help you if this is the case delete their emails because they are frauds.
You will probably find a lot of readings are not free I know lotus tarot do a free card reading but you don't get to ask questions you just get the cards you click on..
This site is the only free reading site and a genuine site I know of that is why I chose to give my services free of charge.
I use my gifts to help those in need not frighten them to con them out of any money.


Re: Career reading

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 11:37 pm
by Tess
Hi Jazz I am wondering why is the universe challenging me. I am a good person I don't project anything bad energy to people but yet I am instantly been walk all over. I don't understand what I have done wrong. I have let everyone done that's how I am feeling at the moment. It seems to go from bad to worse.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 12:12 am
by jazz
Hi Tess,
We all come here to learn lessons and to learn about life and the many different types of people we meet along our journey of learning here.
The Universe doesn't send bad things to us, the Universe sends us the perfect lessons we need to learn from and to gain knowledge from for our growth here and for the growth of our soul.
You have done nothing wrong so don't beat your self up.
Where do you need to speak up for yourself or stand your ground if you feel you are being walked over?
If certain people are taking advantage of us it is because we are allowing it there are times in our lives when we need to put
up boundaries and feel okay by standing up for ourselves or speaking up for ourselves when we feel it is necessary.
You can be the nicest person on earth but there will always be someone who will want to take advantage of you , and some people see kindness or compassion as a weakness and not a strength the lesson begins when that happens, we get to know who deserves our kindness and who to stand up to or speak our truth to, the Universe will send us the perfect people to learn from although the experience isn't pleasant at the time when a person isn't being nice to us, that lesson is necessary for us so we know how to handle all types of personalities and people as individuals we will meet during our lifetime.
We will face all types of trials and tribulations here on this Earth plane but we are always guided and shown the way, we are all born with intuition, we all have spirit guides and we all have Angels your gut feelings are your soul truth so learn to trust what you are feeling over what you are thinking...
Call upon your Angels to help you when you feel stuck they love to help us but have to be asked they wont intervene without being asked.
Look up Angels on the net and see how many Angels there are available to help us in any situation eg. Raphael is the Angel of healing, Gabriel is the Angel who brings us messages, Arch Angel Michael is our Protector etc.. you will find it very helpful and calming when you bring in your Angels to help you...

Meditation helps to connect better to your spirit guides and Angels and brings in peace and calm in to your being you will feel very relaxed after and you will start to receive messages to help you....

I hope that has helped in some way...
Blessings jazz.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 11:44 am
by Tess
Hi Jazz its Tess again I know that I am being challenge from the universe for the last 6 weeks now. It's seems when I take one step forward I get pushed 4 steps back. When will this stop I am losing my faith and finding it extremely hard to so focused and positive.

Kind regards

Re: Career reading

Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 8:41 pm
by jazz
Hi Tess,
Meditation will help you to calm your mind and ground you more where you feel ungrounded now.
You are not alone when you feel life is challenging you and pushing you back.
Life is a process and we all go through negative and positive experiences sometimes it may feel like more negative than positive
then the positive comes in and balances things out for us.
We all lose faith at times then find again in our bad times we need to dig deeper and find our inner strength that we all have things aren't always as bad as they seem we can make them worse by focusing too much on what we feel isn't fair in our lives.
Look at all the good things you have to be grateful for a count your blessings as there are always those who are less fortunate than us.
Things pass in time and so will this time in your life everything works to divine timing and everything happens for a reason and we are always shown in time why certain things have happened in the way they did for us.
Being grounded will help you to keep focus when our emotions are all over the place we wont make sense of anything and we cant think straight and we get ourselves all tied up in knots and stress out.

I did a card spread around you and this is what came up for you..
release any stress or worries to the Angels release any fears or insecurities and trust that we are always looked after and guided regardless of any hard times we feel we cant get through.

There is much waiting up ahead for you that you cannot see now have faith that God has a bigger plan for us all.

There maybe some past painful issues holding you back or stopping you from moving forward.

A gift of money, a win or good luck is showing around you.
Your 6th chakra which is your 3rd eye needs cleansing so you see more clearly with your intuition(also your eyes may need checking out if they are giving you any problems)

New adventures, new energies and a new life is showing a new start.

A new pet or working with animals is showing around you.

There is news of an engagement or wedding invitation or both showing around you.

You have spiritual gifts your guides will progress and teach you as you go along your journey here.

You have a good heart good karma comes you way.

Don't doubt yourself or your abilities to succeed in life.

Use your creative skills to their full potential you may want to study to enhance any gifts you already have.

Take time out not to be or feel lonely but to reflect and focus on things quiet time will help you to connect to your guides and angels so you can receive messages of guidance try visualization say positive affirmations to empower you when you feel down.

A secure financial future is showing for you.

There is renewed hope and faith showing around you, regardless of what you are going through now you are going to be alright never lose sight of your dreams and what you can achieve trust in the Universe.

blessings jazz.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 2:09 pm
by Tess
Thank you this gave me the boost that I needed and while reading this had this warmth go through me. It is so lovely to see someone which your talents helping people without asking anything in return. You are truely have a beautiful soul.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 11:29 am
by jazz
Thankyou for your reply Tess,
That warm feelings was your guides and angels letting you know you are being looked after.
blessings jazz.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 10:00 pm
by Tess
Hi Jazz

Today was another one of those days where I keep getting kick in the guts. I did not think anything else could happen I thought I had been challenged enough all ready. I got pulled into the office to meet with the social worker at my kids school. My daughter has been telling them things. Anyway now I am to defend myself for trying to discipline my child who is out of control with her behaviour. She is only 11 years of age. Now I have to do counciling. What is going on and why is she behaving like this. I give my children everything I have with my heart and soul. They even rang child protection.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 12:17 am
by jazz
Hi Tess,
I feel your daughters hormone levels for her age are out of balance take her for a check up at your doctors and tell him you are concerned about her behaviour being out of control some kids can be over the top at that age just before they go into their first teenage years.

Sit down and ask her is there is anything that is worrying her that you can help her with as you cant understand why she would say things that would lead to you getting into trouble and putting you into a situation where you have to go to counselling for her behaviour.
I feel there are some insecurities there with her that are affecting her so with the hormones out of balance it is over whelming for her and so the out of control behaviour kicks in.
You can give your kids the world and there will still be some sort of problem your not alone a lot of parents don't know what to do at times when their kids run amuck at that age and say all sorts of stuff that isn't true it can be from their own hang ups, frustrations or little problems that build up if they cant talk about them.

I was a single mum and it wasn't easy bringing up two kids, working two jobs to keep a roof ova our heads pay the bills etc, I used to do one on one time with my daughter and son while my son was at my parents place for the weekend I would take my daughter to the movies or some where she chose then when I had my son I would take him out and I always told them you can talk to me about anything so come to me if you ever have a problem..

Ask her what are some things she would like to do more for herself whether it be sport? dancing? something creative and suggest that do something together once in a while to get a closer bond with her I don't know why but cooking popped in for her???

These things pass eventually I found from about 11 years of age and into their early teens can be the worst their hormones are going crazy they don't have the maturity to handle some things in a sensible way and it gets crazy but it does get better once they settle down well mine did any way I thought I was going to end up in the nut house before that happened I had lots to deal with but I got through it and so did they...

Good luck...jazz.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 12:29 am
by Tess
Thanks Jazz I can't handle one more incident at the moment. I am at my wits end. My partner and I don't get along and as usual I get the blame for everything. I want to meet a nice man, after 26 years with the present one I need something or hope for something better. Bless you and I am so sorry if i I am so intense at the moment. As I said previously I can't seem to get a break.

Re: Career reading

Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 12:50 am
by jazz
Hi Tess,
I had trouble sending you a reply through quick reply and post reply so I sent you a private message :) .
blessings jazz