Release your Ex..Romance Angel cards.

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Release your Ex..Romance Angel cards.

Postby jazz » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:32 pm

Release your Ex...

Your love life will improve once you emotionally and energetically release your ex-lover.
The benefits of doing so include increased happiness, feelings of freedom, and the ability
to attract a new lover (who would otherwise sense the presence of your ex in your aura.
The moment you make the decision to let go of the past, it is done..Sometimes this
is akin to peeling layers from the onion..So, continue releasing your ex whenever old familiar
feelings arise, or you find yourself attracting people reminiscent of him or her.
You may want to ceremonially burn a letter to release the old relationship energy and symbolically
let go of old feelings.
Or you can call upon the Romance Angels to clear lingering attachments to your ex.

Letting go of an ex isn't always easy for some, we want to stay even although we know things
just are not working out between us, when we hang on too long emotionally attached to that
person we will not allow ourselves to move forward into the future to all that is new waiting for
us to experience.
When we can let go emotionally, we let go completely not just on a physical level, allowing ourselves time to
heal and spend time alone brings us the answers we need as to why we chose that person to come into our lives
and what valuable lessons and wisdom we gained from that experience.
We then can take any wisdom gained into the future to help us make wiser and better choices for ourselves
when we are ready to open up our hearts to a new experience in love.

Blessings jazz.
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Blessings jazz :)

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