Forgiving and Learning..

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Forgiving and Learning..

Postby jazz » Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:34 am

Forgiving and Learning...Romance Angel Oracle Cards...

As you release and heal the past, you experience more love in your present moments.
The Romance Angels have heard your desire for great love, and they bring you this card as guidance.
They see that your heart can give and receive the bliss of romance by clearing away the cobwebs
of the past.
The Angels know that you've been hurt before, and they know you're wary of being hurt again, yet
your defences are creating barriers to allowing love into your life.
As you heal your past your won't stop re-creating it, after all, you attract into your life the situations and
relationships that remind you of what you have already experienced.
To change to a healthier relationship pattern, it's necessary to detoxify any old blame, anger, or unforgiveness
you may be holding, this includes forgiving yourself.
If you call upon the Angels and ask them to help you release and heal the past, they'll clear away the
heaviness so that your heart can soar with happiness :ymhug:

Forgiveness does help us to heal deep wounds that we carry within that stop us or slow us
down when we are trying to open up to love and trust again after we have an emotional hurt, it is not always easy
to forgive another or ourselves at times we need to really try hard to allow ourselves to forgive any past or present
hurts to free us up from that negative energy that will keep our lives stagnant, dark, unhappy and give us nothing
to look forward to in the future forgiveness free's us from all that is dragging us down in life with our emotions and
how we feel about ourselves that is negative ,forgiveness is the best cure and medicine for emotional hurts of the
Try meditation to help you start to forgive anything, or anyone that has ever hurt you past and present
Meditation will connect you to your spirit guides, your Angels, your spiritual helpers, and loved ones in spirit who try
very hard to let us know they understand what we are going through and are with us giving us their love and support.
You will receive messages and signs from all this heavenly help letting you know you are not alone and that all will
be well in your life.
I used to receive a lot of comfort and insights of the future in dreams when I couldn't relax enough to do
meditation if I was over whelmed with emotional hurts and pain, our guides, angels
and loved ones in spirit know when we are hurting they see our tears and try very hard to let us know they are with us
and that everything is going to be alright for us and that we do have the future to look forward to new and happier
experiences :)

Blessings jazz.
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Blessings jazz :)

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