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Pay Attention to the Red Flags.Romance Angel Cards

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:55 pm
by jazz
In every new potential r/ship we choose to enter into we have warning bells that go off, some louder than others to warn us of any uncomfortable feelings we have that don't feel right for us with a certain person or their behaviour..
We can ignore these warning bells and red flags that we see, feel and hear :-o or we can act upon them it is our choice it all depends on how we are meant to learn any lesson we are meant to with a new partner or existing one.
We all have built in intuition which is called our Gut Feelings those feelings are our soul truth O:-) we can also ignore what we feel or act on it through our free will and choice.

The Romance Angels brought this card forward "Pay Attention to the Red Flags" to help you notice the unhealthy or disconcerting parts of your r/ship.
If you are swept up in a new romance, this card serves as a cautionary warning...Pay attention to your feelings and impressions with regard to your new suitor do not allow emotions to blind you to characteristics or habits that wont work for you in a r/ship (example if you are a lover of animals and have a pet of your own :o3 and your new potential partner tells you he doesn't like cats or dogs or hates dogs and cats and doesn't show any interest in your pet or tries to push your pet outside the house or tells you that dogs or cats don't belong in the house then it is a very good sign that you or any children you have will be treated as he is treating your pet, dogs and cats have a good sense of who they can trust and who is going to treat them with love and kindness or abuse them and be unkind to them and they will let you know this person is not right for you because if you love your pet you wouldn't let anyone harm that pet or push them out of the home pets are great like that they will always let you know who can be trusted.

A Red Flag or warning bells are a sign that something is off..
It can include an indication of dishonesty, disrespect, flirtatiousness with others, substance abuse or lack of integrity.
While your new love interest may treat you wonderfully well in the beginning of your relationship, it is vital that you watch how he/she treats others.
Some ones basic character is revealed by the way he or she talks and acts with restaurant staff, valet parking attendants and other miscellaneous individuals.
Example if you are out with a new person on a date and they talk down to another in a rude manner or degrading manner for no reason that is how they will talk to you at some time further in the r/ship or if you do any thing wrong in their eyes and it could be even the littlest of things that will bring out that side of them and when that happens it is up to you if you want to be with a person who treats others in that manner and be treated in that way yourself it is always our choice how we want to be treated and allow ourselves to be treated.
If you're in an existing relationship, these red flags may signal a need for an honest mutual discussion, or couples counselling.
This card doesn't necessarily guide you to leave a r/ship.
Red flags can be markers along the path of healing.
The Romance Angels will guide you to take steps that are healthy for everyone involved, so do follow your intuition.
Everything is a learning process on this Earth plane.

Blessings jazz :)

Re: Pay Attention to the Red Flags.Romance Angel Cards

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:42 am
by Chris Roubis
I've been guilty of not noticing the red flags in past relationships.. all those who have not found true happiness from within yet, tend to cling onto relationships that are not good for them.
The sooner people find peace and happiness from within, the sooner life gets easier for them.

Re: Pay Attention to the Red Flags.Romance Angel Cards

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:02 am
by jazz
I think most of us see all the warning signs Chris and hear the warning bells go off but as you have said we stay even although we are not happy, fulfilled, appreciated and loved emotionally because we are insecure within, not happy within, have no self worth for ourselves, have not found our own inner peace and love ourselves..
Until we understand and recognize what we need to put right about ourselves and why our choices bring us to the experiences we have in r/ships that aren't for our highest of good we will fall into the beliefs of "We are not good enough"... "I am not pretty enough".... "I am not slim enough"... "I must be doing something wrong"... "It is all my fault why my r/ship isn't working"... "This must be all I am deserving of or can have".... "If I leave I will be on my own "..... "I am not happy or loved but will stay to see if things change"... and many more reasons we put onto ourselves because we are so insecure within our being..

You are right Chris,
Life and choosing any new potential partner, does get easier when we have worked through all the necessary issues we have discovered about ourselves while we were experiencing karmic learning r/ships, knowing we have needed to make the necessary changes about ourselves to be able to feel more confident about ourselves, emotionally stable, feel and be happier from within, feel more empowered, learning to love ourselves and acknowledge to ourselves that we are Deserving of Love for the Highest of our Good.
We do have more of a sense of only excepting what we feel and know is right for us when we Allow ourselves to only receive that in our lives.
Some souls will work through all their karmic learning lesson r/ships, or marriages, and have found a new happiness and peace within and decide they do not wish to be in a r/ship because the new happiness love and peace they feel within is enough for them in life, which is fine if that is what they choose we do not always want or need a partner or marriage in our lives to live a happy fulfilling life it just depends on the individuals choice they make and what brings them happiness, love and peace in their lives.
It is all about choices and free will and what brings us to the kind of life we want to live and how we want to be for ourselves that matters the most while we are here on this Earth Plane.
I believe having a pet to love and play with can bring us a lot of all the things we need emotionally to feel good about ourselves and our lives, if we do not wish or feel we want a person to share our lives with, when we love a pet we receive so much love back and for some people our pets are enough to give us all the inner happiness, peace, laughter, fulfilment, joy and love we need within to have a good life knowing it is enough for us emotionally.