Free Will and Choice.

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Free Will and Choice.

Postby jazz » Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:01 pm

I wanted to post this subject, as with some of the readings requested and questions asked cannot be answered with a yes or no Divine timing on this Earth Plane brings to us each as individuals what we are meant to have, how we are meant to live for our highest of good, teaches us who we really are and what we really want in life, and of course our purpose finds us along the way on our journey here.

We are all born with a free will, which we use in certain situations, circumstances, and events that bring us to our learning in life and the growth of our soul here on this Earth Plane.
No one else can tell you what you do when it comes to affairs of the heart, marriages, relationships, and any other matter that involves you using your free will and choice as they are a big part of our learning in life and time shows us why
We learn, grow and gain wisdom (if we choose to learn) from using our free will and choice in any way we see fit or necessary to use.
our Gut feelings are our intuitive centre, feelings are our warning, and our is this right? or wrong? centre...I call this OUR SOUL CENTRE OF TRUTH and if we learn to trust what we are Feeling over what we are thinking we will find we have been right to trust any strong feeling that we have been given.

Our Guides try hard to give us messages, feelings and signs for us to take notice of, they never interfere with our Free Will and choice and this is where I try to explain to those I read for I cant tell you What to do in your marriage, relationship or choice of person you have brought into your life, as each person is a lesson each r/ship is a new lesson for us to learn from for our highest of good and for each other.
Getting back to Feelings everything here on this Earth Plane is Emotional eg. If we are with a person regardless of how long and we don't Feel Loved, Appreciated, fulfilled whatever or feel that we are even still in love with that person then that is our true feelings we cant say I think he loves me, and I think I still love him, Love is a feeling it is an emotion that is why we have feelings because they are our truth of any situation we can ignore our feelings or act on them using our free will and choice.

I think some people don't understand our work on a spiritual level, we as readers don't have the spiritual insights and wisdom our Guides give that to us, we are only a receiver for any information that is given to us to pass on to help the person we are reading for.
We can have knowledge and wisdom from what life has taught us to pass on, but that knowledge and wisdom is our earthly gain our spiritual connection gives us the real insights to life and of ourselves and that is why it is helpful to know we can ask our Angels and guides for help at any time and with any problem we may have, they love us unconditionally but they do need to be asked for help as they do not interfere with our free will and choice it is important to know that, so when we have a strong feeling and we know that feeling is warning us as to what is right what is wrong that feeling and feelings is your guide/guides trying to help you and it is up to us to act on those feelings or ignore them that is our free will and choice...and how it works.

Keep a journal next time you have a strong feeling that you can relate to write it down, date it, so you can always go back and refer to that feeling and the outcome of what you chose to do from that strong feeling then you will begin to understand more why it is important to learn to trust your feelings your Soul Truth.
We all have spirit guides with us from the time we were born here and until we leave this Earth Plane, We are both spiritual and human living and learning as one.

Our help is not of this Earth Plane we have a spiritual connection to our Guides as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience here on this Earth Plane, some will find this hard to believe or not believe it at all that is any ones choice but when you think about it where do we get our feelings, warnings and insights from? we have higher and unseen forces working and helping us all through our lives our heavenly help O:-) is with us every day some of more aware than others of this help some through just focusing on the material world wont be aware of this spiritual help so much or at all.
It is not our job to make you believe what you do not believe, we can only do our work and use our gifts in the way we have been chosen to use them and the soul purpose of having gifts and we all have them, is to use them in the right way and not abuse them through ego or greed.
We do not know everything we are not meant to, we are here to live our lives according to our destiny here and what we chose before we came here your life is yours to live not ours to give, any futuristic insight given to us to pass on is to help give you hope, comfort, and to have faith in yourself and your life here as God has a bigger plan for us all.

We are responsible for the choices we make in life, Karma here is the result of choices made by us Good or not so Good.
The results of our actions will be what we have chosen to act on that is Karma every action has a reaction so we need to think of the outcome of anything we are thinking of doing first before we go ahead and do it and ask ourselves will this action bring me to a good outcome for my highest of good or that of another or will it take me further away from my highest of good.

We cannot put other peoples lives right for them, that is up to them to do that for themselves where they know they need to change, admit to having faults not blaming others for their unhappiness in life and do things in a better more positive way for themselves that will bring them to a better outcome in life.
Our work is to offer Guidance, hope, pass on messages from your loved ones to offer proof of life after (if you choose to believe in life after) offer comfort, pass on any insights we are given for the future to that person that will bring new hope if they believe nothing is going to change for them and help them unlock their own spiritual gifts so they can help others with any valuable wisdom they have learned from what life has shown and taught then as life here is our greatest teacher. :)
Our Spirit Guides progress our spiritual learning when they know we are ready to move up a level of learning, it is a team effort both of our Earth Plane life lessons and of our Spiritual growth lessons.

Just know that Divine Timing brings to each of us as individuals what we are meant to have( according to our chosen destiny here) how we are meant to learn, How we are meant to be as our true selves, What we are meant to learn (if we want to learn it is up to us) what we can teach to others and how we can help others, from what we have learned in life from our own experiences, and of course shows to us our true purpose here. O:-)

Blessings jazz. :)
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Blessings jazz :)

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Re: Free Will and Choice.

Postby Chris Roubis » Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:08 am

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