card message and Angel number/numbers for 14/7/2015

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card message and Angel number/numbers for 14/7/2015

Postby jazz » Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:29 am

Stay Positive....
Use vizualisations , Prayer and Affirmations to help you through any difficult or challenging times.

These are powerful tools to use and the vibrational energy from these tools work on a soul level, to help you become more confident within yourself, give you more hope, and help you step into your own power and own it.
We don't often enough reach right down and use our inner strength to help us face what ever hurdles we may need to get over in life we are born with many gifts including inner strength.
We are powerful beings when we want to be as long as we use that power in the right way ;)

Angel Number for today is 249..

You've been receiving angelic messages about your Divine Life Purpose. This guidance may appear as intuitive feelings, or a deep desire to serve in ways connected to your passionate interests.
Trust this guidance and act upon it without delay.

Spirit do bring us lots of helpful thoughts, messages, dreams and signs to be aware of our focus often drifts away and we are not aware of all the help that is around us and for us.
It may be a sign as simple as a leaf falling right in front of you when you are walking all signs are messages from our Angels, loved ones in spirit and our spirit guides, write down any unusual happenings to you or feelings you may have at any time it all means something.

Blessings jazz. :)
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Blessings jazz :)

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