Jews - the infiltrated tribe of Judah

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Jews - the infiltrated tribe of Judah

Postby Chris Roubis » Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:07 am

Jews - the infiltrated tribe of Judah.

Judah - the tribe infiltrated by Moses's gang of criminals.
Moses - aka Tutmoses - an Egyptian criminal gang who took over Egypt, with the help of the Pharaoh, making it into Egypt into a single god (Sun - Ra) worshiping people. The boy king Tut-ank-amen (amun) & his mother returned Egypt to its former Gods only after the Pharoah was deposed and the man Tutmoses fled Egypt with his gang.

The story or Joseph and Jacob are a lie told by Tutmoses to convince Hebrews (the tribe of Judah) to take him in.

Amen - said at the end of every prayer - a reference to the sun god, Amen-Ra.

The Tutmoses gang - a group of powerful priests and secret criminal gang whose power came from their plundering of Egyptian tombs.

The secret criminal gang - fore runner of the Freemasons - the whore of Babylon - the Society of Pi[y] - the Illuminati - the Orange Order - The Knights of Columbus - The Order of Jesuits - KKK - Mormons - The Rotarian Movement being the umbrella organization.

Hebrew letter SHIN - a trifurcated letter forming the devil's pitchfork. Each point of which is a letter, stands for a "6", "666" in all (see broken vav).

Freemasons bear their SHIN for their initiation right - symbolism - the mark of the beast. The Jewish tifilin & straps is also a SHIN of SHINs. Originally worn on their right hand during the time of Christ when they were left handed. By Head (will), by Heart (desire) and by Hand (act) - the straps which are on the biceps opposite the heart used to be placed around the rib cage in the time of Christ, hence Heart.

The gang uses prophecy of a savior/chosen one in distant future who they then put up years later, to infiltrate/infect the next host tribe/nation/people with.

When the tribes under David split into 2 kingdoms after Solomon they then had Ezekiel prophesy the coming of Christ - who they put up to unify the kingdom and return it to their control - this failed to take but Rome absorbed it after its Emperor was told of Christianity's origin - worship of the Aten - the Sun god Amen-Ra.

Using the power of Rome they the infiltrated all of Europe, the dark ages was the time of this struggle because all records have been erased.

One by one the Kings of Europe fell or gave in. The Khazars were infiltrated during the 2-7CentuaryAD. Starting a new spring board.

This process is called "surplanting", you infiltrate, take over, then mimic and control eventually ethnically cleansing the hosts by blaming then for what your mimics did in their name.
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