An Ugly Incident

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An Ugly Incident

Postby solo » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:54 pm

This morning I received a beautiful thought which brought back to memory of an ugly incident which occurred 46 years ago when I was only 13 years old.

The day began on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. My friend and I walked some miles to another friends home, when we arrived we sat on the grass in the front yard discussing the activities we had planned the day before. An hour or so passed when we heard his father and another man walking towards us from the street. They were very loud and seemed to be heavily intoxicated and foul words were coming from them in our direction.

They stopped not far from us and began yelling abuse at my friend and I for no reason. As they approached the father tried grabbing for my friend but my friend was too quick for him. Quickly I jumped to my feet and began walking away only to be chased by both men. Fearing for our lives my friend and I raced down the street in the hope of escaping these two crazy men who were now getting into their car. What have we done to upset them so much I asked my friend as we raced side by side. Both of us could not understand the reason for this, so we continued running as fast as out little legs could muster. My heart was pounding hard not just from the effort of running but from the fear of being caught by these two drunkards.

Down the street and around the bend we raced until we noticed a vacant block of land with very tall grass, tall enough to hide our little selves in until they pass. But pass they did not. We heard the car come to a sudden stop and heard angry voices approaching. Still we laid there motionless in the hope they would not find us. Then without warning they pounced. Holding us both tightly they began viciously punching into us.

Now this is the part I will NEVER forget

I screamed out to God for help while suffering under their vicious blows and yet NOT once did we feel any pain. Their vicious attack on us continued while all the time I kept repeating the Lord’s Prayer out loud. I heard them both laughing at me as they must have thought I was a real nutcase. Finally when they were too exhausted to continue, they released us and drove away. After they left we discovered they had lost a $1 note which was of good value back then. I felt this was God’s way of saying, now go and have a treat at their expense for what they did.

Though we both had many lumps on our head but still, we never suffered any pain or any injuries. There are some things in life that will always remain firmly planted in our mind that can never to be forgotten, for a reason.

And I believe most times the reason is – call God by any name, whether it be Rama – Krishna- Allah – Jesus – Buddha – Zoroaster – any name, as long as it is called in full faith with love and devotion, He will answer.

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Re: An Ugly Incident

Postby Truthseeker » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:17 pm

Wow!!!! that was truly amazing Solo, you are truly blessed. O:-)

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